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Whenever I see a post from an online zine I follow, I excitedly click the link, revel in appreciation for the art or writing for a few minutes, then click out and move on to see what the massive internet has to offer next.

When I received As You Were: a punk comx anthology issue threecurated by Mitch Clem, in the mail from Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club, I couldn’t just “click out” of a screen and move onto something new (not that I’d even want to). This month’s theme of paper inspired me to ditch my laptop and review this amazing hard copy zine.

I’ve been a Silver Sprocket (self described “record label and art crew”, seriously, they do everything) fan for years, ordering patches, stickers, and t-shirts. But I have never bought one of their zines or comics (although that’s changing once I get my next paycheck).


Some of my Silver Sprocket goodies!!

With comics by 27 artists, As You Were has a story nearly everyone can relate to. Everything fell under the issue’s theme “big big change”: music transforming your life, giving up your old ways, relationships that are just blossoming (or dying), the hardships of job hunting, pregnancy, puberty, struggling with depression, and turning into a werewolf when a band plays your jam at a show.


By Liz Suburbia

I love that this zine could create a web of so many different stories and ideas under the theme of change. I definitely related to a lot of them, and I plan on sharing the zine with my friends who I think can also relate (especially my werewolf friend).

Every artist had their own diverse style and story to tell, and I loved every single one of them. Having just read As You Were, I feel so inspired. A friend once told me that when she struggles with talking about her feelings, she draws them out as comics. I now feel inspired to draw out my experiences and emotions in a unique way.


By Sarah Graley


By Mel

I am whole heartedly in love with As You Were issue three, and I can’t wait to order the previous two issues that I regrettably haven’t read yet.

You can order from Silver Sprocket here. And if you feel as inspired to create as I do after reading, here’s some links to get you started!

How to make a zine

How to make a comic

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April 24, 2014