baby please, show me YOUR world
Baby please, show me YOUR world!

Holy heck, where do I even begin? I might get kicked out of this website for my impure thoughts, but whatever! So, I just recently started listening to Mac Demarco’s music–and let me tell you, when I say listen, I mean LISTEN, on repeat for hours upon hours. I have completely and utterly fallen in love with this babe and I don’t care who knows. It all started with his very cute love song “My Kind of Woman.” I know, I know; I’m almost positive everyone who says they “listen” to Mac Demarco has only ever heard that song, but it’s great all the same! From the very first line of the song to the very last, “Show me your world,” and that “Oh baaaaaby, ohhhh man,” seductive bullshit in between, I mean, that’s what really got me. I even tried listening to it whilst writing this piece, but I found it entirely distracting and impractical. You all would have ended up reading an article made up of only such profound thoughts as “Oooohhh, marry me mac skfjsdjfhdj” (if you know what I mean). Woah, well, to express my passion for him, maybe a dumb mediocre poem would suffice. Oh sssh, don’t fret my dears, because I’ve already written one for you just in case… YAY!

Let me love you,
Mac Demarco, you’re everything I want and more
Please baby, show me your world.


Whew, now that those uncomfortable feelings emitted from my poem are in the past (best poem I’ve ever written tbh), I’ll show you the music video for “My Kind of Woman.” Why, you may ask? Well…

    1. Mac Demarco in red lipstick, hello, BABE ALERT
    2. He dresses in drag, in which he looks A+, not going to lie.
    3. It’s really dreamy to think that a man like this exists and creates, oh god, “Jiz Jaz,” as he likes to call it (which I will explain after you watch the video)!

“My music is uh Jiz Jaz which is like, uh, kind of creamy, kind of jazzy, kind of sexy, uh, kind of poppy,” from the lips of the Jiz Jaz King himself. *kisses*

If it isn’t his voice that turns your stomach and makes you want to take your floral panties off, then it’s definitely this next charming video that will make you scream and go to extreme measures, like getting his face like tattooed on your chest or something.

This one goes out to all the laaaaaadies. *winks creepily*

Shit, I’d go on a date with you any day. I love the part when those people hit his boat with their row and (rudely) interrupt his lovely singing… and just, “Hello, ladies.” Oh my god; priceless. “Wassup”?! His voice toward the end, well, let’s just say I lost it completely, oops.

His first album, Rock and Roll Night Club, is really great to listen to if you’re in a wacky mood, like at home all alone eating mac and cheese in your favorite undies. You know? I am completely sure the entire album is a joke, but I’m okay with that because Mac Demarco is okay with it as well. It was intended to be silly, and its hysteric manner gives me the best kind of fuzzies. He’s just a big goofball! My favorite track off that album would have to be “One More Tear To Cry“. His voice is forever playing in my head. Just go listen to that album alone on a summer night while eating mangoes or peaches at ungodly hours, I swear to you that you won’t regret doing so. You would certainly be welcomed into the Rock and Roll Night Club, if such a place even existed. Only in my dreams I guess, sigh.

“The EP, described by Pitchfork as a combination of “yacht rock, AM radio gold, and Bowie-like glam,” was a clear indication of DeMarco’s musical flair, but critics and DeMarco alike felt it lacked sincerity. “Everybody got a very strange idea of me,” he muses. “A lot of guys would come to the shows and go, Mac where are the stilettos tonight? Where’s the lipstick, honey? And I was fine with that but at the same time I thought, ‘Wait a minute. If I want to make a career out of this, maybe I should be a little bit more honest to myself.’”
– from an article with, May 2013

(Might I add that you surely would not find those dumbyhead critics anywhere near the Rock and Roll Night Club. *snaps in Z formation*)

album cover
album cover for Rock and Roll Night Club

Collage Numero 1, Titled: Gaps: an Autobiography

oh baaaby
oh baaaby

 Collage #2 Titled: The Hard Times at Rock and Roll Night Club ft. M.D.


Collage #3 Titled: The Symphony of the Jiz Jaz King

ode 2 viceroy dood
ode 2 viceroy dood

*All the illustrations around Mac were made by this babe*

Well, I think that just about sums up my entire existence at the moment. I hope you enjoyed this lengthy, passionate lovefest of a post. All of the collages were made by me, so when you see them in a Mac Demarco exhibit one day you’ll know where to find me. Oh, and don’t be surprised if you see me on the street wearing a pin of Mac Demarco’s face because I do have one of those. I have yet to start my collection of memorabilia or albums or anything of the sort because I am an absolutely newcomer and broke as f***. But I’ll definitely continue listening to “My Kind of Woman” ’til my ears bleed and singing Still Together half-naked at 3am!

You can find his music on; listen, I dare you!

Okay, bye, have a safe and fun time on the internet kids, keep doing what you do best!

im so sorry
I’m so sorry.

– Dani outttttttt xoxo

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July 18, 2013


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