Time II
by Bridgette Jameson

I wonder,
are you an honest lover?

Just wanted to love you
While you just wanted
who would
f u c k

When the words
“I love you”
to spill from my lips
No one is there to hear it

I’m a s i n k i n g ship
because of this

Every wish I’ve made
has come true
in the most
fucked up

Will I ever
be more
than someone’s
s e c o n d


by Teresa Law

I love the nighttime. It used to be for weaving a way home, fluorescent night bus lights and orange taxi beacons. Crisp and harsh, warmed by fried chicken or a burger, laughing and complaining of sore feet and empty purses.

It’s a late night talking, warm and cosy, and not realising what the time is.

It’s stepping outside into the dark, the sky pinpricked with stars and cigarette smoke swirling into the black.

It’s pale moonlight, sleepy sighs and giggles and a baby with a full tummy and a smile on his lips.


Blood Rubies
By Sophie Wilson

You watch the rose, you do not know,

The garden hung with mist like a dream,

Cool rain by the lake drenched in moonlight

Shines diamond shadows over our forest.

Milk skin beneath her blood red gown

Recalling bittersweet symphonies

With a thousand beats of heartache.

Fluffy peach sky and sea spray

Sing together; a picture of beauty.

Earth crunches under foot.


Words left unspoken in the dark,

Recoiling, a sharp breath,

A glance behind at nothing,

Nothing but all-encompassing shadows

Leaning down, you do not know

What I cannot forget,

So I cut my hand with rubies

And cried silver tears,

Yet blood red shadows remain.

Baby photo by Teresa Law
Taxi photo by Theresa Crooks (Flickr)
Featured image photo by Bridgette Jameson (VSCO)
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October 19, 2015