“What We Wore” is a monthly installment of…you guessed it, what us pulp babes have worn this month! Each month we’ve come together and posted photos of our amazing outfits! I love seeing all these amazing people’s fab faces and cute combinations! The internet is such a strange phenomenon; you can read 100 pages of someone’s writing without knowing what they look like. This can be a good thing–you may not judge them as you would if you could see them, but sometimes I find it jarring to realize that I have no idea what someone I feel like I know looks like. That’s why I love this! I never know what the other contributors wear, and as a Fashion Design major, it’s something I love seeing. I thought you all would perhaps appreciate this as well…and thus, What We Wore came to fruition.

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March has been a month of change, significantly in the hair department. I took the leap and decided to bleach my entire head twice before dyeing it purple with pink accents. Doing so has made me see my wardrobe in a whole new light because I have to factor in how my hair color would work with my outfit. Lately I have gravitated towards darker shades to really allow my hair color to pop, but on days that I am feeling somewhat like a fairy, I would dress in white. Berry tones are a great idea at times because of the whole analogous color scheme. Long story short, instead of changing your wardrobe, maybe consider changing your hair color. Trust me, it’s way cheaper. 


Maya G:

This month has been SO WARM here in California. I’ve been thrown off by the nice weather, and have completely forgotten how to dress for “summer”. Thus, these three aesthetically completely different outfits… I absolutely love dressing for summer–I like wearing crop tops, showing skin, and wearing white. Flow-y and showy clothes are my jam. I am a true Californian…

This month, I also have been trying to not buying any clothes. Last month I went really crazy with new clothes to the point where I would buy more before even wearing the new ones….and quickly ran out of money. I’m looking for a job right now, so I’ve been trying to save what money I have at the moment. Because of this, I’ve been repurposing things I haven’t worn in a while and finding awesome stuff! Like this child’s T-shirt that I wear as a crop top and this weird denim button up with embroidered monkeys and palm trees on it!



I haven’t been going out much, so when I do, I make sure my whole outfit is on point. For those outings, Forever 21’s perfect crocheted bell bottoms make any ordinary outfit anything but that. My usual inspirations have been boring me, though. Usually, my go-to inspos are in movies and celebrities, but for some reason those just aren’t doing it for me lately. That being said, I’ve really been into street fashion and tumblr babes like mayagoo, spookypuke, wifitrapping, daizylemonade and trashylvania.  I find it way more inspiring (and realistic) than movies, and it’s so great to see other babes loving themselves and looking like total bad asses!!



It’s still cold in Chicago. It’s almost April and it’s still cold in Chicago. What’s so weird about the way I dress is I really love the color pink but can never incorporate the color into my outfits. The color black makes me feel intimidating which I’m anything but. My fur coat is my life and also sets me apart. It most importantly keeps me warm. A friend of mine has also given me some clothes,Two pairs of black pants. I was going to buy some , so thank you for that. I love vintage clothing but I also love the modern play on grunge . So think if Courtney Love lived in the 1940s. I think I have a style. Maybe when I earn more money I’ll be satisfied. Maybe when it warms up I can do things like wear shorts , show cleavage, and have more pink. Ugh.


Right now in the UK the weather is still kind of awkward to dress for, in that in-between-seasons stage; so I’ve been trying to find outfits that work for both warmer days and colder ones, seeing as spring isn’t totally here yet. This sweatshirt is my favourite item at the moment; I just love the cute graphic motif and the sugary pink. At the moment I really love bold prints in colour schemes that I like, so I’m always working on getting stuff like that into my outfits. For this particular one, I wore a super cute pink and green tropical print H&M shirt under my gorgeous bunny print sweater; combined with pink bunny socks to tie it all together! It’s not quite warm enough for bare legs here yet, so I had to go with very pale pink tights too under my vintage high waist shorts. Luckily the colour matches the rest of the outfit so they didn’t throw off my aesthetic at all!



I wore the blue jeans and black top non-stop for about a week. I’ve started wearing them without a belt- I’m going for a more careless, typically boyish look as I think girls in baggy clothes looks so good! My princess cap is from beanie babes club. It’s pretty cold and un-sunny in the UK but I’m hoping that by wearing it the weather will get better. My second look is another one that I’ve worn non-stop. I feel like a spy in the tight all black, clinched in at the waist. I ripped the jeans myself as I’m so picky and never find them with the rip in the right place.

Check back on April 30th to see our next What We Wore post!


“You don’t learn style from watching people on the runway.

Fashion happens every morning when you wake up.”

 -Shalom Harlow

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March 29, 2015


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