Hello again, and welcome back to your favourite group of gals showing off their fabulous style for all of you! What We Wore is back! 

I love this post so much; which is why I call for it every month. I love seeing how my fellow collaborators style themselves! Clothes are a great way of expression; you can show who you are or who you want to be literally on the surface of your body. In the hotter months, some people struggle to keep their looks ~fashionable~, but that can be a whole new style in itself! I was excited to see what these babes brought me this month, and I was not disappointed!! 


11637898_10205774110565623_929696744_nTwo words for this month, Leather and Comfort.

This month has been gloomy and really freaking heavy hot in Los Angeles.
And I also started to work out again so I have been looking for comfy-ness.
I made the light pink two piece (last photo) half silk and half cotton.
I’m basically wearing it everyday at some point to cool down.
So it’s totally okay to wear clothes that are loose and almost look like pajamas if you add a little something to it (hat, jewelry, leather piece, cute socks, …)
And also remember cotton and sunscreen are you best friends during summer !



This week I’ve been hanging out around the Danube river; in Budapest, Salzburg, Vienna, and some little tiny towns. It’s been gorgeous, but yo, that weird Euro weather. The stripe shirt is from Topshop, the pants are vintage Levi’s, I’m wearing an old belt of my grandmother’s, and sandals I got in Greece last summer that are the comfiest shoes ever. My backpack is Fjallraven. The next getup was from Vienna a few days ago. This rompers got the vibe of a parachute but the pattern of a 70s paisley ascot, i.e., the ideal combo. It’s from Zara last season. My sweater was my mom’s from when she was in college, it has little pom-poms on it that jiggle a little when you walk and my shoes are Commes Des Garcons low tops. And this is us flashing the valley of Dürnstein. An outfit everyone can wear! Free the nipple!


In the month of June, I visited three cities; New York City, London and Kuala Lumpur. Living out of a suitcase is challenging, but once you have found your essentials, every outfit seems to work effortlessly. This month, culottes and palazzos have been my go to because chafing can be a real issue. They go really well with crop tops because the whole fitted top/loose bottom combination is one of the most flattering silhouettes on a girl with big hips and even bigger bum. (Shout out to all my heavy bottoms babes!) I live for crop tops. They don’t take up much space in my suitcase, are super light and they go with everything high waisted. An alternative to trousers is high waisted skirts. I splurged on this American Apparel grid co-ord and I have no regrets, because they look so good with or without each other.


meThis has been a weird month for me; my style is all over the place in accordance with my moods. I’ve been shopping quite a bit while my cousin has been in town, and I’ve bought a lot of things in white. I think this is my colour of the month… Clearly I’ve liked it before as well, as I made this Loser cap a while ago. It’s really going with my ~summer look~ though! I’m moving out of the all menswear all the time, and moving into some more feminine looks as I wear less and less clothing– this summer has turned out to be the summer I became a beach bum! I’ve been to the beach like three times in three weeks (which is a lot, when the nearest good beach is an hour and a half away) and I feel I have been ROCKING my beach looks. I saw one of Rian Phin’s videos where she was wearing this sick bra, so I tried to recreate it by crossing my bikini straps to make the ordinary swimsuit amazing. I’ve recieved compliments every time I’ve worn it. This American Apparel KESH eye bikini was already special with it’s weird, unique pattern, but now it’s even more unique! Never again will I wear a bikini in the “normal” way!!


tessa!I’ve been trying really hard back to get into fashion and of course I pick the hottest months to do so!! I’m trying to find a nice mix of 60s meets the 90s and I’m slowly getting there. Also my hair has turned into a cotton candy dream because I’m trying to fade it out to dye it a new color. Since my hair color is so nice right now I’ve been color coordinating my outfits to go with the pastel fluff. I’ve also kept it really simple with my makeup lately (due to the heat) and I’m starting to love just filling my eyebrows and cake on that mascara!

Check in next month for some BEACH BABIN looks!! 

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June 28, 2015