This is the next in the new monthly installation of “What We Wore”! Some of us Pulp Babes took photos of our outfits throughout the month to show you all what we’ve been wearing/what styles we’ve been into!

For so many of us, what we wear is the best way to express ourselves: it says something about you without you saying a word! Everyone has a different style, but in the words of Salaman Kahn “…in their own unique way, I believe everyone is stylish.”  And just look how completely different every person is dressed, but everyone has their own thing going! It’s truly incredible!

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Ebonni: “It’s called Goth Plastic. ” I told my friend this when he asked about my style.  I don’t know how I came up with it I just did. ” Think the California girls with the tiny dogs and Victoria secret tops. Now think 90s grunge fashion.  Mix the two and you’ve got me! It’s not even a movement I’m trying to start . I just go between wanting lots of money in my hands and wanting to become a Witch a lot . The crop top is super impractical in the middle of the winter in Chicago. The blazer is from me being 16 and super into fashion . Any fashion magazine you read says you NEED a blazer. It’s a very good piece to keep plus I have 3. The skinny jeans are my go to casual piece. This whole outfit is actually pretty casual. For someone who loves color I don’t wear much of anything but black.  I’ll try to incorporate color into my wardrobe next month!


Chizz: I put these outfits together when I went home for the holidays. I work in professional setting , so, I rarely have time outside of a suit. The first outfit isn’t really an outfit at all. It’s just me being lazy and loving clashing prints. The second is my go to outfit. I’m obsessed with crop tops, even in the winter and the plaid shirt evens it out to make the look casual. The third outfit was a lunch/shopping look. I got a new Prada bag for Christmas and it’s such a preppy gal staple that I wanted to go straight preppy with a pale, scoop neck sweater and American Apparel Easy Jeans and no make up. Such a happy holidays. Back to suits. I’m not mad though. I do look great in suits.


Yi: During winter break, I was living life as a nomad. As time passed, plucking clothes out of my suitcase became a dreaded task, which led to a mental block of putting outfits together and feeling good about it. Thrift stores became my best friends as well as an Urban Outfitter surplus store in LA. Dresses became my go to pieces because I didn’t have to wrack my brain over what to pair it with. And so, my favorite looks of the month consist of dresses paired differently depending on where I was at the time. Every outfit marks a specific time of winter break, ending with the black asymmetrical dress paired with my favorite Levi’s denim jacket that was worn on the second day of school.

shoez copyMaya: This month as one of my new years resolution I resolved to dress better ALL THE TIME. I get lazy when I have a lot of work to do and/or have to get up early for school and end up wearing something more boring or casual, but I wanted to get back into the weird, quirky looks that I used to wear. My boyfriend has been feeling the exact same way too, so we decided to go shopping together! Luckily, since we live near San Francisco, we could easily go cheap vintage shopping. I’ve been searching and coveting adidas white sneakers FOREVER. It’s part of the heathgoth movement which, tbh, I so love. Plus, I have like 15 pairs of black shoes and no white ones?? And since my revamped look includes pulling out all my pastel stuff again, I really need the shoes to go with it. Anyway, Zach and I walked into Thrift Town and what do I see?? FUCKING ADIDAS SHELL TOED SNEAKERS FOR $5 IN MY SIZE WHICH IS LITERALLY UNHEARD OF BECAUSE IM A 10.5?? ….clearly I was excited…and have been for weeks…but look at them! all worn in already, looking SO cute with my Meadham Kirchhoff ruffled socks <3_<3 I’m obsessed. I wouldn’t be surprised if my ~look~ centered around these shoes for the next few months..

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 5.30.43 PM

Kiya: Lately I have been feeling very inspired by drag queens and trashy club kid couture. If James St James and Adore Delano had a bioqueen daughter, it would be me. If I’m not towering six inches above everyone at school or receiving some nervous side-eye , I feel like my outfit has failed.


Essine: January has been ridiculously busy, but I managed to whip out a bunch of cute outfits! For the last few months, I’ve been inspired by wearing black all the time, crystals, and velvet, velvet, velvet. My black dress is from ASOS Curve and has the daintiest, pretty lace collar, and I paired it with an amethyst necklace. My pastel fluffy sweater is from No Boundaries, and my black velvet skirt is the prettiest thing ever from Chubby Cartwheels. Both of these outfits exemplified my love of black AND some cool ’90s witch-esque vibes and were super fun to wear!

Style is a refelection of your attitude and your personality

-Shawn Ashmore


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February 1, 2015