Here we are again! The newest installment of “What We Wore”! This is a once-monthly post showing off the styles of The Pulp Zine’s lovely contributors. 

Style is like an art form  on your body. You can be creative and innovative, you can be practical and simple; all still form some sort of look that you present. Like art, what you wear is used to express yourself, to make you feel good, or to get out that emotion that’s been stuck inside. What you wear can depend on the weather, your emotional state, a Youtube video you just watched, or someone who passed you on the street and inspired you. We hope to inspire the readers with these amazing looks from our contributors! 

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adrienne“Is my hair ok?” asked a girl wearing a sunhat during Kaskade’s set.

That is what Coachella has come down to – looking good, instead of appreciating the live music you are surrounded by. Instead of placing style on a pedestal, I turned to comfort instead. I opted for wrap skirts and dresses for the upmost comfort as depending on the way you tie them, you’ll have a loose fit as well as necessary slits for air ventilation. Coincidentally, my outfits for both day 1 and 2  are white, which is perfect for the overwhelming sun and cloudless sky. Also, a change in hairdo can alter your outfit drastically. (Sense the irony?)



New month, new hair color! I got really bored with my white hair, so I decided to do something drastic. That being said, I have had so much fun coordinating my outfits to match my purple head of fluff. Lately I haven’t been doing much except working. Which means I’ve mainly been wearing relatively plain, black and white ensembles. But when I do go out I’ve been keeping it really simple with a very 80s/90s feel with everything. The weather in Texas has been crazy, and just keeps getting worse so I have to squeeze in my leggings and jeans as much as possible! Pretty soon I’ll be living in cut-off shorts and crop tops. I have no shame about that, to be honest. When it’s hot as heck, fashion is definitely not the first thing on my mind.




hats me

I started watching Ari Fitz’s Youtube videos in the beginning of April cause my friend sent them to me and she’s gorgeous and her style is to die for and everything about her is great and I Love Her? Anyway, I watched her video on layering, and found it so inspiring! I’m not usually a layer-er. I also was super into her more “masculine” “tomboyish” look, and I want to incorporate that into my own fashion with oversized shirts, button ups, and lots of hats. I’ve been making these hats and shirts lately because I was selling at my school’s spring fair. Hence the boob shirt, Loser hat, butt hat, and butt shirt (all of which you can buy in my shop)!

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April 30, 2015