Hello and welcome back to this month’s edition of What We Wore! Every month us staff come together and put together a post of our past month’s ~looks~ and write about our inspirations and lives to give you a little taste of our inner (and outer) selves!

I love seeing the lovely Pulp Babes astound and inspire me every month with their unique and stylish looks and I hope it inspires you readers too! If you have felt inspired by the lovely babes in this post or the last ones  take a photo and message it to our Facebook page and you could be featured on this very post next month! Take a look at the past month’s posts for even more inspiration (herehere, here, and here) Make sure to let us know who inspired you in your look in the message)


I’ve been pretty boring lately because all I do is go to work and film school. That being said, if I’m not wearing black and white (for work), I’m wearing something comfortable and simple. I love fashion so much, but some times I need a break from it. On top of everything the weather has been so crazy the past few weeks. The nastiness just convinces me it’s okay to stay inside and just binge watch Netflix instead of going out.


I’ve been so into pattern mixing lately! I can’t get over how great it makes me feel 🙂
I feel goofy and silly and weird and I love it! This fishy tropical shirt is something I found at Thrift Town on my latest trip there that I absolutely love!? The colours are like my favourite mix and it totally goes with my ~oversized men’s wear~ look that I’ve been sporting the last month or so. This middle look is featuring a top my good family friend gave me. When I went to this plant store, I found I was matching, like, all the plants so I edited the photo to have myself in the plants and put it on my instagram..which I’ve been updating like crazy lately. I feel like a Klimt painting! I think I’ll actually paint this sometime soon…


11355560_10205513353046848_1683651811_n« En mai fais ce qu’il te plait » In May, do what you’d like.

That’s the saying of the month, obviously.
This month I have mostly been wearing white and light colors. In my closet I have mainly white, pastel colors and black clothes, so it’s not like a big surprise for me to wear ivory and cream shirts… but this time it was different. It was more like a state of mind.
Wearing light colors makes you be more careful, taking things slowly and being more delicate. At least for me, and I love it because sometimes I forget to be that way. My mood depends so much on what I’m wearing it’s crazy. And this month I have felt more feminine (like one of those little flowers that pops out because of spring time) and it was wonderful.
I haven’t been wearing anything new this month (Minus the leather pouch that I made). Purely vintage clothing and/or new from three years ago. But that’s the magic of textures and colors and having too many clothes, right ? Sometimes you forget about a piece and then you’ll rediscover it ! Or slightly modify it.
Also I have a vintage shop and I’m making some natural dyes (fabric and canvas) and also making some leather goods with my boyfriend forever. So that makes it easier to find and/or have cool stuff.

Kiya:kiyaThis past month I have lost all inhibitions towards dressing at school. Not to say that I’ve never dressed how I’ve wanted to, the David Bowie lightening bolt on my face + wedding dress in 8th grade would say otherwise, but something about the end of Senior year has allowed me to dress however I please. This month I also acquired two new staples to my wardrobe, two fabulous aux fur coats. I have been DYING to get a faux fur coat ever since I saw Almost Famous freshman year, and it feels like I’ve come full circle – now if only I would be swept away with say, King Tuff or a cute punk band like that. My leopard print coat makes me feel like I’m a glamorous 1970’s party girl walking home at 5am, while my brown coat (all thanks to one of my closest friends, Devin/fakealiens, on tumblr for sending it to me) let’s me serve some 1990s club kid realness. So all thanks to these two coats I can transform into a bicoastal babe and travel to any decade- the sophisticated sixties full of Anna Karina and chain smoking, or the drug-fueled 70s, and even to downtown NYC during the 90s.

Bridgette:bridgette I have not had much of a style at all lately. This is to say that my outfits have all varied in how they are perceived by others, while I just wear for comfort. My go-to outfit for pretty much any occasion lately is a pair of black leggings and an oversized tee. This can be dressed up with simple jewelry and heels, or dressed casual with sandals and my hair in a bun. My favourite oversized tee – that also goes perfect as a lazy day outfit with gym shorts – is my floral Bruce Heart tee ($50USD). I also quite like my green Miakoda New York slouchies ($85USD) because not only are they vegan, but they make an outfit look like one that may very well be on a runway. Because I have been more of a dress/skirt gal this last few years, I must praise how comfortable some of Forever 21’s dresses have been lately! I cannot tell you how many people on my flights asked me “Why not dress for comfort?” It’s like, “but I am comfortable, and I feel cute!” Of course I can’t forget that the Uniqlo UV Cut cardigan ($29.90USD) gives any outfit the perfect layered look while protecting you from either the cold, or the sun~


Create your own visual style… let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.

Orson Welles

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May 28, 2015