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This month’s What We Wore is a little different than usual! This month, we focused specifically on SUMMER-Y looks, some looks even things you’d wear to the beach. If you’re near a beach like I am, you know it can be hard to balance looking cute, being comfy, showing off your swimsuit, and also wearing something that you wouldn’t be crushed if it got dirty, cause, you know, sand. It’s a difficult balance, and something I definitely struggle with as a beach go-er. And, even if you don’t go to the beach, but live in (or are visiting) a hot place, it’s another whole struggle to look cute, but not die of heat. These summer months can be difficult to style, and this post is a compilation of a bunch of the Pulp Zine babes facing these challenges head on and managing to look great in this hot summer month!!


Summer has shed my all black exterior to a color and prints craze dream. The sun has a way of influencing me to deck out the colors. My tie-dye t-shirt goes so well with my bikini bottoms and waterproof bag (color coordination unintentional!) as my family and I went island hopping in Krabi. It’s so easy to throw it on after a dip in the ocean, much like the feather printed dress. Summer dresses are an essential when traveling because they are so easy to pack and nice to look at. You can easily slip it on before heading to the beach or right after a refreshing dip. Not into dresses? Throw on a romper! I paired mine with a thrifted kimono. It works well as a cover up too! Another summer favorite combination of mine would be printed pants and a crop top. Opt for those that are high-waisted and loose fitted for a flattering silhouette. Clash prints or make one stand out! Summer is all about experimenting with colors, cuts and silhouettes. Can summer never end?



Even though I’m just a few hours from the coast I don’t go to the beach that often. Partly because it’s just way too hot in the Houston area and I just don’t have time. That in mind, I’ve been dressing more bum than beach this month because if I’m not working I’m probably just chilling at home. Don’t get me wrong I love my comfy clothes, but I realized I had hardly treated myself to a good outfit. So I made plans and dressed myself up. Even if that meant I just had a jazzier outfit for work one day or I was just going to the studio I intern at. Both of my outfits were super inspired by pretty in pink because it’s one of those months where I cannot stop watching that amazing movie.


swimsgAs a Californian, this month’s theme is my JAM. I love summer and all things summer/beach related. I made this pool print hat (which you can buy here), which I’ve been wearing non-stop at the poolside. I feel like a summer QUEEN with my pool print cap, a tennis skirt, sucking on a piece of watermelon while staring at the rippling pool patterns and reading my book. I’ve definitely been a total beach bum this month. I’m not sure if poolside lackadaisical is the same as a beach bum, but either way I’ve been a lot of both. I visited my childhood home (because my grandparents are selling it soon), so I was swimming in the pool behind the house for hours each day. Not to mention, the house I was actually staying at was right on the water (perks of living on a tiny island 13 miles long with 45 miles of shoreline), so I swam/lounged there or, at night, in the HOT TUB that this beach front house also had (how many bodies of water did I swim in???????). Lastly (though really first-ly), my cousin and I visited my aunt in the beginning of the month in Santa Cruz, which is literally like BEACH CENTRAL of California. So my skin and hair is hella dry, I own way too many swimsuits, I have a bunch of weird tan lines, and I find sand EVERYWHERE! This has been a successful summer.






“I look my best when I’m totally free, on holiday, walking on the beach.”

~Rosamund Pike




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July 31, 2015