Washroom Musings
art by Cailie

This is my home now. I’m going to live in here.
Out there’s nothing but noise and flashing lights, it’s too much for me right now.
I can still hear the music though. A bass was faintly thumping through the walls.
Here comes another one. Her hands were trembling, her head twitched with the bitterness from her stomach, scorching her throat.
A tear clung to her eyelash while she wiped her mouth with a paper towel.
It’s all going to be okay. It’s gonna be fine. I’m just going to grab a drink, sit down a while. The night is young. I’ve still got time left to enjoy myself… The cubicle spun around while she looked up. It’s all gonna be fine.

A loud knock on the door shook her out of her introspection. With a groan she half-lifted herself up to flush, whilst clutching her belly.
‘Angie?’ there was another knock.
‘Can you open up please?’
Closing her eyes a little against the bright light from outside, Angie opened the door to the cubicle on a crack just wide enough to see her friend Sarah. Without another word Sarah pushed herself in, locking the door behind her. As she did so she pushed a plastic cup in Angie’s hand. ‘Here, I brought you some coke.’
‘No, I don’t want any.’
‘I meant to drink, you junkie.’
‘Oh, right.’ said Angie, looking at the cup in her hands and sipping it gratefully.

Sarah crouched down next to her, opening her bag on her knees. ‘Did you throw up?’
Angie nodded and leaned her head against the wall.
‘I really need to sit down.’
‘We’re sitting now, aren’t we? Just chill out for a bit.’
Angie took another sip. Sarah was still rummaging through her handbag.
‘How is it, out there?’
Sarah shrugged. She’d finally found the lip balm she had been looking for and was now applying it liberally. She held it out for Angie, who took it gratefully.
The bass changed, a low trembling that made the ground shake, even inside the cubicle.
Angie felt another hurl coming up. Sarah held back her hair while she did her business.
‘I’m never doing this shit ever again.’ Angie moaned, another involuntary tear working its way down her cheek.
‘Yeah…’ Sarah mumbled, checking her watch.
Angie spat out the last sour tasting mouthful and leaned back against the wall again, drinking deeply from the cup.

‘Actually…’ she said after a while, ‘I feel a little better.’
‘Do you?’
‘Yeah I think so.’
Sarah dove into her bag once more, retrieving a tiny envelope. Angie watched as her friend took a key and started to dig it into the envelope. ‘Want some?’ she asked, holding the key out.
Angie leaned in and did what she had to.
‘The other one, too.’

She still felt a little shaky when they stood washing their hands outside. Angie looked back at the toilet door. There’s no way I’m going back in there, unless I have to pee. They perked themselves up in the mirror, downed the remainder of soda in the cup and they walked back into the club.
Ah, sweet innocent youth.


May 2, 2013