Fashion Week is currently underway in New York, London, Milan, and Paris. Every time I log on to Instagram, I am bombarded with pictures of models, shoes, some shriveled up old male designer with his shirt unbuttoned to his navel.

It’s a conflicting time of year for me. On the one hand, I adore clothes. I fully believe in the power of style in all its forms. Conversely, this means setting aside knowledge of how problematic the fashion industry is. Even with an Instagram like, I am supporting so many ideals I stand so firmly against.

Then, while scrolling through Tumblr, I was inspired. A friend of mine posted a casual selfie and all I could think was how much I wanted her pink pants. The internet and social media has given us a new platform under our control where we can talk about what style means to us. True, you can still stream the Marc Jacobs show online, but there’s something about that scene that’s starting to feel old-fashioned and over-wrought.

The next generation of street style is right in front of us in the form of selfies and Internet musings. We have the power to create and share ideas that are important and accessible to us, and if those ideas are about sweaters, well, to that I say a firm hell yeah.

I reached out to a few of my favorite stylish bloggers and asked what style meant to them. Check out the mini-interviews and get inspired:



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Name: Katty Huertas

Links: Instagram + Etsy + Society 6 + Website

Favorite Item of Clothing: I think it is the red hat I’m wearing in the picture. I feel awesome every time I wear it.

Definition of Your Personal Style: I would like to say cute and vintage-inspired with a tiny touch of creepiness. I’m a more is more type person and I adore accessories but don’t follow trends.

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Name: Savana Ogburn

Links: instagram + tumblr + website

Favorite Item of Clothing: My vintage silver Doc Martens

Definition of Your Personal Style: Mostly thrifted, hella eclectic, with many-a pop culture reference!


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Name: Eden Gasson

Links: instagram + tumblr

Favorite Item of Clothing: Gosh! Such a difficult question. Either my newly purchased Michael Simon Cardigan, or my rainbow striped dress from Beyond Retro. Although my favourite pieces can change from week to week, depending on if I find any vintage treasures in my local charity shops or online.

Definition of Your Personal Style: My personal style is really hard to define, it can change with my mood on a daily basis. I love bright colours, big collars, 1960s patterns and at the moment, American kitsch. Every day when I get dressed, I put on clothes that will make me feel confident. One day I’ll dress like a 1950s movie star dipped in rainbow sprinkles, the next I’ll be dressing up like a psychedelic barbie meets Clueless. Overall, my personal style reflects who I am, how I feel and I even consider it an form of Art.

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Name: Apple DuLac

Links: instagram + tumblr

Favorite Item of Clothing: Platforms. They add attitude to any outfit!

Definition of Your Personal Style: I try to keep my outfits fun and cute, yet pulled-together and chic. I’ve been told that my look is “schoolgirl meets Wednesday Addams.” Most of my wardrobe is black and white, and I rarely wear color. I really like to experiment with different patterns and textures, like pairing fur with leather. I wear a lot of skirts and collared shirts!!! I want to have fun in life, and a big part of that for me is looking fun and playing around with my style! Fashion helps me express myself in a unique way that showcases my creativity and makes me feel good about myself!!

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Name: Lucy

Links: instagram + tumblr + blog

Favorite Item of Clothing: “I have this incredible coat I made last semester for uni, its really big and covered in spikes and has loads of pockets. I basically made my dream jacket. I’m a little bit sick of it because I looked at it for too long so it’s a love hate relationship, but I’m still really proud of it.”

Definition of Your Personal Style: “I have a really eclectic personal style, so it’s hard to define. I tend to stick with a bit of a theme and go really over the top with it, right now I’m wearing an 80s houndstooth suit but yesterday I was in full vintage lingerie. Its really a mash up of different influences, most of my clothes are second hand so its very retro inspired, usually with some punk undertones.”

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September 26, 2015


Oh my gosh. I am so obsessed with this article!! I already follow some of these mega babes, but I’m so excited to see new faces as well! I’m literally just now getting back into fashion and this is totally inspiring <333

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