One year ago I had my first ever facial. On the questionnaire they have you take beforehand, one of the questions asked what my skin regimen was. I left it blank, having never really washed my face other than in the shower.  When the woman came in, she was thoroughly confused how I didn’t take care of my skin.

Fast forward one year and I am addicted to washing my face, taking care of my hair, and get an emotional high looking up the newest natural hair/face/bath products on the market.  What happened between then and now?  Lush Cosmetics happened.

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I stumbled upon Lush while in my local mall, it was tucked away in the Nordstrom’s wing and after two minutes consulting with the friendly workers, I was hooked.  They don’t test on animals (in fact the actively fight against testing on animals through protests, etc.), they give the people (all over the world) who make the products beyond fair wages that include some all women’s groups in countries like Ghana, and their products are freaking amazing.


Lush is known for their beautifully handcrafted bath bombs and melts, works of art that they are!  You almost don’t want to use them at all, but next time you go on their website or visit a store, check out the entire store. The variety of goods is plentiful!


Note that neither I nor anyone else is paid or bribed to review their products, as they do not take out advertisements or anything of the sort! They simply trust that word of mouth will be sufficient because their products actually do what they say they will. Lush uses very little synthetics, instead incorporating as many natural products as possible including sea salt, tea tree oil, lemons, oranges, almonds, you name it! The packaging is minimal and simple because Lush puts all of its money into the products themselves. No fancy bottles or excess plastic to be wasted!

I think for many years I was intimidated by the strong chemical smells of prescription and over-the-counter face creams. I didn’t know what was really in those chemical concoctions, but Lush is transparent, posting not only all the ingredients on the label, but also who made it and when! So clearly I’m a lushie. I even have a Lush Cosmetics Tumblr! Now that you know my history with this store, I can tell you some of my favorite products!

P.S. I never went back to that place to tell the facial lady that I am now an expert in taking care of my skin. I don’t need her stinking facials, I got my own goods!

Fresh Face Masks:

Delivered weekly, these little babies go on your face for about 20 minutes and then wash off.  What makes them different from any other face mask is that they are SO fresh! They are delivered weekly and must be refrigerated. My personal favorite for my oily skin is Cupcake.  You basically are putting chocolate on your face (although you should not eat it). $6.95


Grease Lightning:

This little bottle almost complete annihilates those annoying zits. Ideal for specific problem areas, not all over the face, the thyme, tea tree, and rosemary halts that blemish and calms down the inflamed area so overnight, or even over the course of a few hours, the blemish will go down considerably. Tea tree itself is basically a gift from God. It’s a heavenly nectar that wars against oily or irritated spots.  Check out other products with tea tree in it by using the Lushopedia link at the bottom. $13.95


Last but certainly not least are the massage bars:

Oh man, oh MAN. These little babies are phenomenal. Intended for the sole purpose of massaging your body, the cocoa and shea butter leave you feeling relaxed and at ease. I am not gonna lie, at first I had a hard time grasping the very idea of a massage bar.  It felt weird on my skin, not as light as a moisturizer, but then what else can it be? The answer is heaven.  It is literally heaven on your skin. Melting right on to your arm, back, leg, whatever!  The massage bars make you feel very relaxed.  My personal favorite is the Wiccy Magic Muscles because it helps me with painful arthritis; the peppermint and cinnamon stimulates my achy muscles! From Dusk til Dawn is also phenomenal with it’s funny little triangle shape, the citrusy smelling point makes a good pressure point to apply all over! Priced from $7.95 – $10.95


If ever you feel that Lush is a little pricey, consider all of the charities they are involved in. They treat their employees like family and insure that the products come from the best possible places.  That extra money you might have to save is making sure someone is getting the proper pay they deserve. Here are some really cool videos to show why Lush is the best vice to have.


Animal testing performance: WARNING! This may not be suitable for all viewers; it is very heart-wrenching and incredibly difficult to watch, but sadly this is the truth behind animal testing.

How Lush obtains some of their ingredients!

For anyone who is curious about the ingredients and/or has allergies!

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June 10, 2013


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Thanks so much I never use anything on my face either, but now I’m gonna go try Lush out!

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