Another Day is the first short film to debut through Trashy Productions, a new Texas-based film group. While filming we faced a lot of road blocks, and it got very discouraging. Somehow we pushed through, and were still able to make a killer short.

The story follows Flower, a girl who isn’t having the best day ever, and how something simple can change the day completely. When I was in college (for one semester) a lot of my days were like Flower’s, except I rarely had a stranger make my day better. I don’t know if it has any truth, but I feel like a lot of young people face similar feelings whenever they jump into college or adult life. Not only is it so different, but it’s really scary, and for me, it turned me into a total shut in. This script makes me really nostalgic, but not in the usual way since it was a bad time in my life. I still wanted to share it so others could relate and know they aren’t alone. And yeah, everything sucks, but tomorrow is Another Day.

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September 25, 2015


i’m pretty in love with the visual appeal to the film, as well as the fact that I feel like i’ve had the exact same thoughts and experiences on ‘one of those days’. You killed it, dude, keep up the good work!

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