image by Molly

Growing up my favorite characters on television were always either the lovably clueless one or the one who misbehaves. I think the appeal of women who want what they want and don’t care how they look for wanting it unabashedly is that women aren’t “allowed” to do it. I mean technically we are allowed to do anything we want but not without being verbally, emotionally, systematically, or even physically beaten up for it. Women who are loud, obnoxious, conceited, and spoiled are fascinating because we’re rarely allowed to marvel at them. Also, I’m just a spoiled brat and I like to know I’m not the only one. So here we go! My top 5 spoiled characters.


1. Of course Cher and Dionne have to be first and of course they have to share a spot because they’re a package deal. Cher and Dionne are like milk and cookies. You can have them separately but why? I think the thing people love about Cher and Dionne is that they’re spoiled but not in a particularly nauseating way. They know what they want and they get it but they also care so much for the people around them. Cher is always taking care of her father and Dionne is always trying to teach Murray how to talk to women in a respectful manner. Plus, if it weren’t for their good taste how would I, a 6 or 7 year old when I saw Clueless for the time on TV, have known that Alaia was, like, a totally important designer?


2. Donna Meagle

The thing about Donna is that she’s lowkey spoiled. She just sort of chills but then the longer you know her the more you realize that she and her family could probably own your life. Like, remember that time the Parks and Rec crew not only found out she had a lake house she’d never invited them to but that her cousin was Ginuwine? The rest of the characters are always finding Donna luxuriating in some place unexpected usually flanked by some new boyfriend(s). She has standards that she never lowers and of all the Parks and Rec characters one could say that she has it together more than anyone. Also, she knows how to treat herself.

3. Kelly Kapoor

My best friend says that I remind her of Kelly. We both sound like Valley girls, we’re both boy crazy, we’re both obsessed with pop culture, we both love useless facts, we’re both pushy. So basically we’re like the same person only I’d like to think I’m less delusional but who can really say? Kelly is a blessing to us all and she’d never let any of us forget it. She has a high sense of self importance and frequently reminds everyone that she’s above it all.

4. Angelica Pickles

Angelica was my favorite Rugrat who wasn’t Susie. She’s a mini version of her mother. A bit of an unapologetic steam roller. She’s a loud mouthed master manipulator and has goals for herself at the age of 3. The adults eat out of the palm of her hand. She’s never without her trusty side kick, the appropriately unimpressed looking doll, Cynthia. The best thing about Angelica is that she loves herself so much that not being able to do something is not a part of her vocabulary. I believe that in the universe of the Rugrats Angelica has probably gone far. I mean Kanye West isn’t talented at singing but, much like Angelica, he thinks so much of himself that he doesn’t care and that’s why 808s was a hit. Angelica is the epitome of faking it till you make it and it got her everything. She also has sense enough to know when she’s being lied to and that’s a trait we all need.

And just for fun

5. Last but not least it’s Blanche Devereux. One could only hope to become, former debutante, Blanche in their twilight years. Blanche never let age stop her from living her life or from feeling good about herself. Though she’s known for enjoying a man’s company, it’s not her sole purpose of dolling herself up every morning and pampering herself at night. She genuinely loves every part of herself and sees age as no excuse to stop enjoying her body or her life. It’s really no wonder The Golden Girls has been so important to women for so many years. There’s an idea that one should settle down and wait for death after a certain age and the women on this show reminded us that each stage of life brings new adventures. She and the rest of the girls are reminders that one should never stop spoiling themselves especially when late night cheesecake is involved.

November 13, 2014