Adaora Ede is a teenage writer and African messiah ahead of their time. Catch the shadazz on their Twitter @bukibag.




Adrienne Yap is a Fashion Merchandising major at Academy of Art University. As a writer for Third Culture and amateur blogger, you can usually find her hiding out in a café with a book or some notebooks, seated by the window because of the lighting. Despite what her Twitter bio says, you should definitely say hi if you ever spot her gallivanting around the city. Stalk her on Instagram or tumblr.




AliciaAlicia K is an American expat living, eating, and writing in Prague. True to her Pacific Northwest roots, she’s a fan of used books, coffee, and craft beer. And Twin Peaks. She studied art in college, and you can keep up with her photography work here. She recently started working as a social media specialist for an IT company, and has since upped her Twitter [@kroellwithit] and Instragram [@akroell] game.




Bee is a garden fairy that can often be found dancing to Loaded by The Velvet Underground, no matter where she is. A young poet earning her stripes, she lives in Montreal with her cat and plants and goes to university. The only thing she is more obsessed with other than guitar is music in general and (probably) literature. She loves a lot of things and a lot of people, and often asks herself: “What Would Stevie Do?” Her favorite spice is turmeric and she is a writer for The Pulp Zine.




Blakey Bessire is a non-violence practicing activist, artist, and writer residing in Portland, Maine. She enjoys psychedelic Indonesian music from the 1960s, mysterious forests, and reading nautical books. She loves to write film scripts and take photographs. She is a Feminist. Here is her portfolio, and her Instagram is @blakeyhcb.




pulpbioBridgette Annalyse Jameson is the section editor of Secret Journal, Book Club, and Poetry. The young Choctaw currently resides in Los Angeles County where she grew up. While her every interest is generally centered around some art form, she desires to major in Psychology as well as Native American Studies to better serve her tribe. In October 2015 she began her journey as a contributing writer with Natives In America. Contact her via Facebook or Twitter, and view her portfolio here.



CandyCandy is an Editor and Social Media Manager! She’s a 20-something Latina, feminist, avid pop culture devotee, and writer who obsesses over everything from One Direction to never-ending Seinfeld and Frasier. Her work has been featured on Bitchtopia, Pop Culture Puke, Celestial Zine and more. You can find her tweeting obsessively here, reblogging her heart’s desires here, or see what filter she chose for her photos here.



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Courteney lives in Manchester, UK and is an English and Creative Writing student. She likes literature, shoegaze, films, and art. You’ll usually find her collecting records, writing really dumb poetry, reading zines or blogging on tumblr here.




ChizzChizz is a killjoy from Canada. Lives a life of strawberries, obsessing over pugs, and lusting after punks. Majoring in Gender and Women Studies with a minor in Music History. Whenever she has free time she is either searching for music, making mixes, re-discovering old favourites and going to shows or, discussing and rolling her eyes at the state of society. So, her degree is almost custom made for her. Oh and on Twitter, always on Twitter. Find her on 8tracks here, and her portfolio here.





Devyn Park was born and raised on the Big Island of Hawaii and received her BFA in Illustration at the Rhode Island School of Design. She currently resides in Bellingham, WA.






Ebonni is a super lame Riot GRRRL from Chicago. She spends her time being the world’s laziest thing and being the world’s cutest writer. Tumblr, Instagram, Blog.




EmilyEmily Anne is a writer, feminist, and coffee addict living in Richmond, Virginia. As a recent transplant to the east coast, she is usually scuffing up her Doc Martens while exploring the city. When she isn’t replicating the dance moves of Talking Heads’ David Byrne, she is most likely writing about feminism and music while eating pizza.





Emmie is a playwright/novelist who also acts and sings. She writes a majority of her work about magical realism and lesbians. She loves folk music and Stephen Sondheim. She also is a big fan of cartoons like Gravity Falls and Over the Garden Wall. She is proudly queer and trans and has a blog that you can follow on tumblr here.




EstelleEstelle Spirig is a Swiss photographer and visual artist who lives and works in Los Angeles. In her photographic work she creates images that invite the viewer to focus on emotion. She uses the body as a blank canvas which has the ability to continually change and redefine itself. You can see her latest work on her website as well as her tumblr.




GabrielGabriel (also known as Abigail Ory) is a friendly dragon/zine editor-in-chief who thrives on sarcasm and eats compliments for breakfast. Their soundcloud is here, and you can find them on Instagram [@abigailory].





Hailey is a self-described ‘moderate hustler’ from Vancouver. At any given time, she’s probably thinking about brunch, zines, pop culture, or whether she needs yet another jean jacket (the answer is always yes.) You can find her on Instagram and Twitter @haileylenora.




Hannah S.Hannah Rose Steinkopf Frank grew up in the Midwest, but is a West Coaster at heart. Hannah likes to write about anything that lets her do “research” on Youtube, from early 2000s TV shows to Dolly Parton to makeup tutorials from the 1940s. She is currently a sophomore at the University of Oregon studying Journalism and International Studies. She writes for the university’s long-form website, Quackd, and photographs and writes for the univeristy’s style blog, Dressed Up Ducks. When she is not spending late nights studying in the library, she enjoys taking photos at concerts, jamming with friends, and perfecting her bubble tea recipe. Follow her on Twitter @hsteinkopffrank.



Jenoris Caba is a writer, photographer, and managing zine editor from Northern New Jersey. At any given moment she is likely drowning in a sea of pens, notebooks, nice socks, and unused film. Please send help in the form of more pens, notebooks, nice socks, and unused film. You can follow her on Instagram [@crankocean].





Jessi Jae Joplin is an entertainer (dancer, model, actress), stylist, and journalist from Los Angeles, CA. She has been featured in Dolls Kill, Nasty Gal, and Nylon. She is the lead singer of the pop/rock band, The Ruckus, and recently started her own fashion production company called The Fabulous Stains. Through this platform, she aims to inspire and empower youth through art, fashion, and popular culture.






Jordann Alease is an intersectional feminist and artist whose goal in life is to make white men in comic book and record stores severely uncomfortable. Follow her blog here.






Josephine is a Teen Dream from Northern California. She loves art films and dramatic writing. When she’s not feeling the forgiveness of dirt she’s





Kate Fustich is a writer, knitter, and illustrator living in the East Village. She loves coffee, wiener dogs, and hardcore feminist ideology. Her goal in life is to become Sailor Moon. You can follow her on Instagram or at Hare & Anser.





Kiya White is an angry queer who spends her time crying at Denny’s, being a work of art, and posting selfies on her blog. Currently, Kiya is stuck in Armpit Town, Wisconsin but in the future she plans on moving to NYC and becoming Drag Queen Superstar of the World.





Laura is a writer from London. She studies History and American Studies in Brighton and is moving to Austin, Texas next year to continue her studies. You’ll usually find her making playlists, watching films, or cutting her fringe. Find her instagram: @laurachova.






Marta Herrera is a Spanish illustrator and graphic designer who lives for cheerleader films, trashy music festivals and going on feminist rants. You can hit her up on Instagram or tumblr.




Maya A

Maya A is a 19 year who once lived in a galaxy far, far away. When she arrived here she graced the earth with her cosmic designs from back home and created a clothing line, Nebula Artwear. She wants to pursue a career in journalism. Or fashion.  Or both would be nice. She is currently taking a year off before going to school and plans on traveling the world, and doing whatever her heart desires – or maybe just going back to her planetary home. Check out her blog and Instagrams @mayaamoah and @nebula_artwear


Maya Goo is an Individualized major studying fashion, textiles, bookmaking, and journaling at an art school in California (if that sounds totally nuts to you, check out her artists statement here for further explanation). Maya is an obsessive documenter and creator and has kept over 30 journals in the time since she was eight years old and finished her first diary. She is a passionate person and a crybaby; her newest endeavor is to take a selfie for every time she cries in the next year. To see updates on this project, read her journals, and see more of her face and artwork, check out her instagram @mayagoooo, two tumblrs (1)(2), and her blog.


Montgomery JonesMontgomery Jones loves reading, libraries, reading in libraries, and bike rides to her secret park.  Residing in Michigan, MJ likes going to the upper peninsula to explore and traveling all over to hang with her Pulp friends.  You can check out her internet presence on Twitter and tumblr.




NatalieNatalie Neal is a Director and Photographer living in Los Angeles. Her clients include Indie Magazine, The Period Store, Nylon, Urban Outfitters, and American Apparel. Visit her website and follow her Twitter @natalieneal_.




NegineNegine Jasmine is an Afghan film student residing in sunny Arizona. She’s a passionate diarist who’s favorite moments in life are when she’s: listening to Amy Winehouse, reading The Waves, or watching a Jarmusch film. She’s a Mia Wallace enthusiast who wouldn’t be able to function properly without literature or photography. You can find some of her other work on




The Pulp GirlsThe Pulp Girls are Cailie + Brianna, sisters hailing from the mystical lands of New England. They spend their days working in their little studio, photographing, and playing with their tiny dog, always in search of adventures. They sell rad stuff here and blog here.






Reilly Davidson: just a babe looking to make sweet tunes and sweet zines.






Simone Hall is a model citizen, has no flaws.





Sophie Wilson is a writer and student from England. She can usually be found in her room drinking too much green tea and crying about dead poets, or scrolling through runway collections and shouting “YAS” at the looks she likes. You can check out her blog and Instagram @prettypassions.




TessaTessa is an eccentric mod who is actually a 90 year old woman stuck in an 18 year old’s body. She is addicted to retro fashion, good tunes, thrift stores, and all types of cinema. Each day is spent differently, whether she is writing content for TPZ or her personal blog, or doing whatever else tickles her fancy; it’s always a good time and there’s usually glitter involved.




10169192_1705086913051768_7281435066750361150_nZoe is a 16 year old writer, filmmaker, and activist from Dallas, Texas. Along with contributing to The Pulp Zine, she is an editor at Written Citizen and her school newspaper, as well as a contributor to Crybaby Zine. She loves Jenny Holzer, Harry Potter, and ginger beer.



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