--by Molly McAlea
Artwork by Molly McAlea

It’s 2013 and we still can’t time travel or download actual clothes, but we’ve discovered how to make street harassment viral. Receiving messages on OKCupid is much like an in-depth version of the standard “HEY BABY WHAT’S GOOD”‘s with a super-sized side of obnoxious car honking. So when I turned 18, I decided to foray into this magical land of fedoras and misogyny. First, I planned to send nice messages to nice people who were probably being virtually catcalled every second of the day and might appreciate a random “I hope your day is fabulous like you and your face! You are loved! Keep on keeping on!” Then, I just decided to go with the flow and see if the flow of unwanted messages would eventually swerve into my lane. I’ve been a silent member for 2 months now (silent because communicating is still talking just over the internet and talking is tedious and hard ok?), and I must admit, I’m privileged not to have a plethora of fedorable messages flooding my inbox. Every now and then, I, like plenty other rad babes, am faced with messages that can truly make a girl sick.

When you’re tired of trying to be “polite.”


When boys are wrong… but think they’re right.


Sometimes they jump the gun…


Sometimes they are fun!



Sometimes, they make no sense.



But, most importantly, boys are dense.


They are rude,

 •Scenario: You’re at Starbucks. You order a Soy Cinnamon Swirl with non-fat milk decafe Frappaccino and extra whip. Guess what the guy behind you getting a simple cup of coffee wants to do to you? That’s right. Punch you in the throat. They should just write “Over-privileged bitch” on the cup rather than your name.”
(From an actual OKCupid profile)



and want to see you in the nude.


Some make me want to hurl–


It’s tough, being a girl.


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July 22, 2013


oh you absolute princess! this piece is amazing and playful but serious and i adore it! i adore you!

This came out so good. This is like a perfect warning too for girls who want to experiment with online dating. Love this!

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