Here are some (pretty rubbish) pictures (stolen from my instagram) from my holiday to Ireland. I was there for a month which was kwl because I got to catch up with family and the weather was actually nice, hence the purchase of a pair of fabby/tacky sunglasses. I hung out in Dublin City with my friends where we enjoyed sushi, snapped religious relics, went vintage shopping and hunted down badges for my new denim jacket. I also went crazy on the clothes shopping front. August 1st was literally the best night of my life because I saw my favourite ever ever ever band Blur who were BEYOND PERFECT. I had to collage my feelings because the gig was just unreeeeeal. I also went to a Blur photography exhibition. Irish food is fabby, especially BN biscuits (which I guess are actually French) and a bunch of other sweet treats like stick-of-rock. Oh and I posed with the cardboard cut outs of One Direction.

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August 12, 2013

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