Sky Ferreira has this super stellar song where she talks about getting lost in her bedroom, which, if ever you have had the pleasure in doing so, is pretty amazing.  Just look fondly upon all of the posters of concerts you attended, post cards you snagged on family vacations, or even a book series you read in one week.  Much of what we have at this in our stage lives was given to us, to an outsider looking in, it may not appear to be much, but the secret lying in the fact that we know the story behind each and every object.  Perhaps separately they are junk, but together they make one hell of a rad pad.

Your bedroom tells so much about you whether you give it permission to or not.  I always refer to myself as a dork of all trades.  I can keep up nerdy conversations in almost every fandom.  My bedroom is a physical manifestation of some of those feels I have but can’t quite express.  Basically is organized chaos and I like it like that.

They say eyes are the windows to the soul but if that’s the case then your bedroom encompasses the soul.  We are at this point in our lives (as young adults) where so much of our interests make up who we are as people. I proposed, and so many of from The Pulp Zine agreed, to feature a different babe’s bedroom each month (sometimes two)!  By preserving our room (through photos/videos/gifs) we will always be able to look back and remember that time when. I’m going to kick it off, so without further adieu I give you the boudoir de Montgomery.

I like my bed being close to the ground, if my parents would let me, I would sleep on the floor. As a kid, I didn’t really like stuffed animals, now I’m obsessed with my Domo and self-made sock monkeys.

I met Willow Shields, the actor who plays Primrose Everdeen in The Hunger Games, at THG after party in L.A. (more on that later). The picture of she and I, my ticket to Beyonce’s Mrs.Carter Tour, a Canadian flag post card, as well as my favorite Marc Jacobs ad starring Elle Fanning adorn this wall.

A lot is happening here. Whew. I have met Taylor Momsen quite a few times, I’ve been a huge fan of The Pretty Reckless for years. I met Marina and the Diamonds at a private radio show, met Kate Nash after her Detroit show, and Oh Land at her concert with Sia. I met/interviewed Jennifer Lawrence and Amandla Stenberg of The Hunger Games at the LA world premiere.  This is kind of my wall of signatures. I have never met Taylor Swift, but I love the album Red ever so much. I got my “Hanna” bag at a comic book story in my town. Hanna is one of my favorite movies; Saoirse Ronan is a force to be reckoned with!  The Perks of Being  A Wallflower as well as Beasts of the Southern Wild were two of my favorite films of 2012!  Finally, all of the magazine ads are some of my favorite models and ad campaigns in fashion. My ideal career is to represent models when I am older. Think of it as homework.

Again, I love Elle’s style and just whimsical magic in general so I tapped in to my creativity and made this collage inspired by a dreamy haze of flowing dresses and candy.

The heart of my bedroom….MY BOOKS. I love reading so much, we have a spare room that my sister and I use as a joint closet but is slowly becoming my library (mwhwahah).  On top of my book shelf I have tons of candles because I love candles in addition to anything vanilla scented.  You can make out my piggy bank, my Catholic Youth Bible <3, my last phone(a blackberry), and 2 Ale 8 soda pop bottles.  I buy one every year I go on a mission trip to Kentucky.  Appalachian Mountains are extraordinary!

 Harry Pottahhhh.  I got my want at Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando as well as my Hogwarts journal.  My official Hogwarts letter is from the Harry Potter Exhibition in NYC that has actual props from the movie.  Unfortunately you can’t take pictures but it was so magical, I literally teared up.

I went to the James Dean museum in his home town of Fairmont, Indiana and I have so much love and respect for him as an actor.  That catalogue was a real eye glasses campaign he had back in the day.  Trust me when I say, the man was just as beautiful in print as he was in film.

Finally, I want to show you my favorite wall.  I try and keep a theme for each wall space in this hot mess I call a room. This is my inspirational wall. I love traveling, so the Eiffel Tower and Statue of Liberty are the commanding posters. I love trees so I have a painting of one with the word “believe” on it. I like to think it keeps me centered.  Along with that I have a wonderful quote by James Dean that says “The only greatness for a man is immortality.”  And a quote from Andy Warhol that says “The world fascinates me.” The tiny castle behind the flower is Magic Kingdom which I talked about here. Cinderella’s Castle is perfect and sparkly at night and looking at the painting brings me back to those good vibes.

Thanks so much on going through this journey through my room! If ever you would like your room to be featured on The Pulp Zine, email me @

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August 15, 2013