Every month we will feature the bedrooms of two contributors on The Pulp Zine!  There is nothing more intimate than a bedroom, so we want to show you our most prized possessions, knick knacks, posters, and more.  We are the sum of our bedroom parts and you will get to know each of us and our interests in ways that even our friends may not know!  So prepare to check out the super groovy room of the residential old soul, Tessa, and the extremely psychedelic, Roma!



Having a bedroom as a teenager is probably the best creative outlet you could ever ask for. Throughout my teen years I have stuck up pictures to reflect my interests and moods. Decorating has always been a way for me to clear my head, and just become stress-free (unless I can’t figure out where to put something), and I’ve noticed I do almost EVERYTHING in my room. I’m super grateful I have my own bathroom and closet, and the best part- a huge room. If I had a fridge I would probably never leave my room.


I can never decide what my favorite part of my room is, but one of my favs would have to be my record player, records, and tiny TV (with a built-in VHS player) corner. Music has aways been a necessity in my life, and so has cinema. Luckily my parents kept a lot of their records from the 70’s and 80’s so I got a head start with my collection! Even though they are totally dated, and take up a lot of space, I still love VHS’. I think it’s because you can scratch, drop, throw, play baseball, or set fire to them (the last two I don’t recommend), and they still work. I also love DVD’s, but being a clumsy teen I tend to scratch most/all of the ones I own. My petite TV sits on a plastic storage system that is covered in photos of the Rolling Stones, and holds the secret to life. To me, the secret to life is an original Gamecube with Animal Crossing, and A TON of craft supplies.


On my bookshelf I have a little shrine area that consists of my favorite presents I have got in the past, an Edie Sedgwick shrine, a mini Ryan Gosling shrine, an Ozzy Osbourne book THAT HE SIGNED (I met him last year!), a deck of Tarot cards, trinkets from my childhood, Rookie Yearbook One, and a million other things.


Almost all my life I’ve had this bulky, ugly wooden dresser, and just the other year I realized I could cover it with stuff I love to disguise the ugliness. There’s photos of family and friends, detachable collars, an old fashioned thermometer, more childhood trinkets, and fav little presents.


I don’t spend a lot of time by my desk area, BUT it holds some of my favorite/most important things I own. My Macbook is almost always here (or on my bed), all of my cut-outs and stickers (and anything else to make collages) reside here along with my favorite David Bowie LP, Pinups, and a framed portrait of Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks. (a birthday present from one of the coolest girls I’ve ever met).


And here’s where all the magic happens: my bed. Out of every area in my room I do the most things here. Naturally I sleep here, but I also blog, watch movies, listen to records, eat yummy snacks, make patches, drool over clothing on Wanelo, and anything else you could think of all on my cloud palace.



To paraphrase that old song by the beach boys, my room is the place I can go and tell my secrets to. I first began to design a place I could tell my secrets to when I was a small highly impressionable 12 year old girl. I drew up plans and picked out paint and finally got the courage together to show my parents. Obviously, since it was over the top expensive, they said no. At that point on I used my comfortably large space as my own ever changing installation, I used “found objects” from various garage sales and spelunking missions in my grandmother’s attic to bring it to a new age of glory. My room is versatile in that I can use it to create livable art but also manage to get my homework done in it. I go off to college in a year so it is safe to say, I’ll miss having a special space filled with tacky 70s wallpaper all to myself.


I hate plain windows, for a while all I had were plastic shades so I made my windows beautiful by hanging pieces of lace and old silk scarves together. I love to watch the sun play games with the scarves, it adds shades of pink and purple into my room, especially in the early morning.


The ledge near my window. I filled a bunch of pretty glass bottles with flowers from the garden I worked at this summer.


The space near my bed. I started working on this wall in 7th grade. I also have a Lichtenstein poster from MoMa up and a print by Erté that I am extremely blessed to own.


The quote on this card is from Going Bovine, one of my favorite books. It was extremely imperative in my transition from childhood to my teen years.


My great grandmother made this blanket for my father. I think its beautiful. Good thing I picked up crochet.


I love this wall. The postcard is of a Mormon Temple in Arizona, The Frida Kahlo wall hanging I bought in Taos New Mexico, The headband is from Brooklyn, and the Chinese luck charm is from the Peking Opera House that my Chinese teacher gave to me.


I have the review of Comme des Garçons ss12 from i-D pasted on to my wall. That collection is so important to me.


I have a thing for collecting vintage film cameras. The Holga (right) and the Cannon (left) are ones that I actually use, the rest are from antique stores. The doll inside of the typewriter I made when I was 9 years old. I used to make tons of dolls, this one is my favorite because she has dreadlocks.


This is my closet door. Most of the picture are scans from zines I’ve made.


Shangri-LA by YACHT is my jam so I made a mini poster of it.


Top poster is of Marilyn by Andy Warhol. The bottom one my friend Katherine “borrowed” from the Nurses Office. I think it looks better in my room.


I got this Cindy Sherman poster for Christmas and I’m obsessed with it. On the right that box hanging off my door is a letter box that has a collage of Patti Smith and some pictures of my dad at his Bar Mitzvah in the early 70’s.


The entirety of my back wall.



Thanks so much on going through these journeys through our rooms! If ever you would like your room to be featured on The Pulp Zine, email Montgomery at Montgomeryjones93@gmail.com.

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September 10, 2013


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