Sleepovers, the epitome of teenage life. In case you didn’t know, sleepovers = good times. This is a fact of life I hope to drive home in an overly-pretentious quote from A Tale of Two Cities. “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness.” Very recently, I forced my best friend to make the following video with me, and with all my helpful hints, you’ll be able to force your friends to have a perfect sleepover with you as well.

There was three films “featured” in that little video: Harold and Maude, Jennifer’s Body, and Dazed and Confused. I would highly suggest you watch all of them, as they all score an A++ on the ever-important scale of sleepover fun. Harold and Maude has to be one of my favorite films. A perfect combination of attempted suicides, love, and Cat Stevens’ songs works its magic, ripping your emotions into little pieces. Jennifer’s Body is a 2009 horror film, written by the brilliant Diablo Cody (Juno, United States of Tara). Featuring a possessed cheerleader that only eats boys, this film will have you entranced, perched on the edge of your seat. And the final film we watched in the video, was Dazed and Confused. This movie tells the story of some junior high and (majorly adorable) high schoolers during their last day before graduation. Even if you don’t care for the plot (or Matthew McConaughey’s mustache), you can appreciate the killer 70s vibe, and Slater’s face. And if you get bored, just count how many times Mitch grabs his nose.

So get some movies and raid your fridge, and have some ~good times~!

P.S. – No sleepover is complete without having a candy overdose!

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May 24, 2013