April 27th
Editor’s Letter: Hello again, sweethearts! The ol’ club this week has been working on several
pieces dealing with things that go bump in the night. Dreams and nightmares to be exact. As a poet, or a poetry reader, you’ve surely noticed that it’s a little hard to write about happy things, so this is a step towards the right direction(with the safety of some truly melodramatic nightmares). It’s a little bit different because it’s basically two themes in one club, but i think it’s super fucking rad. You can’t have the good without the bad; the dreams without the nightmares. They compliment each other and hopefully you’ll find your lullabies in these pieces. Keep sleeping, darlings!
Yours forever,
1. [——] (first)

first, because you are the most important

first, even though you weren’t, really.

first, pretty freckle hex-boy

first, in everything but one

2.[——] (sex) 

if sex were a person

he would be tall, tan—

called ‘ross’ and wrapped so tight

in a pastel cardigan.
3. [——] (it)

when i was depressed

it found a face(yours)

and when i let you go (or vice versa)

there were scratches on it


4. [——] (pretty effigy)

a boy built from alabaster, pretty effigy

buried deep in the hmtc basement

if i were to touch you

you’d lose nose, fingertips, ear.


5. [——] (gods)

stupid, stupid spellbinding thing

filthy needlework features

birdlike nose and bacchus lips, please

let me taste the wine on your mouth.

– Giulia Alvarez


I dream of hands all over and

eyes on the floor, I wonder how

the turn out will paint itself and

thin lace lingerie on pale ice skin I

see the feet of gods and angels but

I don’t kiss them.

– Luna Slater


At six, I wanted to be a paleontologist.

Nothing excited me more than the bones of the dead.

At eight, I wanted to be a popstar.

My name in lights, my wardrobe as tacky as Britney Spears’.

At ten, I wanted to be an actress.

Broadway and becoming the next Liza Minnelli was preferred, but hey, I’d do anything.

At fourteen, I wanted to be drunk.

Cheap rum was my fix, but I’d take anything.

At fourteen, I wanted to have sex.

Everyone else was getting laid, why can’t I? 

At fifteen, I wanted to be happy.

At sixteen, I wanted to be happy.

At seventeen, I wanted to be happy.

– Bailey Ring


some people have dreams of flying

of running

of falling

my dreams were never filled with the likes of these

I guess I always believed that

flying away wasn’t as hard as everyone thought it was

a little pixie dust and faith would do the trick

instead I dreamed of fighting

of fists made out of words

that hit back stronger and more determined

than any of the persecutors I made in my own head

and I suppose I prefer these dreams

though they might be a bit rougher

and I might wake up with a few scratches

cause they’re proof that I can handle worse than scar tissue

(that words created by demons have no worth when they see the light of day)

and as pretty as Peter Pan might have been

he spent his whole life trying to make sure

that the stars on his tail never could reach him

and I’d rather spend my days in the sun.

– Remy Anne


I dream in greys and blue

and greens, and white

No crimson despair or dramatic rose, just

simple human in-betweens

Abstract in their beliefs, they

bend between realities

Bend between my sleeping worlds

Hungry, hungrier, hungriest colours

Looking for an untouched corner

Jealousy, sadness, and shades of anxiety

Creep between the dreamworld gate’s bar

Flooding like fog, sliding in silence

My dreams are always awake, and

so are the greys and blues

and greens, and white

No venomous yellow or infectious bile, just

simple human in-betweens

Still so much more potent than

those rings of bright colours

They creep and flood and slide

Disguised as contentness and normality

But they stay so close to my brain,

up against the walls and the roof

Pinned to every fantasy, nightmare

daydream, nightdream

But what fools those colours are-

For they stay in dreams

But what a fool I am-

For I am always asleep!

– Hailey Hartford




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April 27, 2013