Sick Sad World

  • Posted on: July 16, 2013
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If you watch 90s teen animation Daria, you’ll be familiar with Sick Sad World. If you don’t watch Daria – GO DO THAT.

A show within a show, Sick Sad World is basically the oddspot from your local newspaper but 38345430 times weirder.  And televised daily. Each episode has a clever tag line and is announced by an obnoxious, booming voiceover. Daria seems to have a love/hate relationship with Sick Sad World; taken with a pinch of her trademark irony, she finds it fun to laugh at the idiocy in the world buuuuut… There’s idiocy in the world. Ugh.

I best remember Sick Sad World as a big part in one of my favourite Daria episodes, Season Three’s “Just Add Water”. A quick rundown of the episode, if I may:

Daria and her best friend, the tres artsy Jane Lane, indulge in an epic all-night Sick Sad World marathon and are in desperate need of some rest and relaxation. Stupidly, they attempt to catch some z’s during Lawndale High’s mandatory Casino Cruise Night where….

  • Mr DeMartino battles a gambling addiction, accompanied by his usual freaky eye bulges
  • Mr O’Neill and Ms Barch re-enact Titanic
  • Britney and Kevin became castaways on a rickety life boat
  • Quinn is stood up by her uber-famous date
  • A pair of over-zealous millionaires wedge their way into Jake and Helen’s marriage
  • The cruise liner sinks with everyone on board

But just what were Daria and Jane watching all night? Which episodes gripped them most? When did they drop their pepperoni pizza slices in shock? Here is my definitive list of Top Sick Sad World Episodes:

  • “They bake cookies by day but they really heat up at night! G-string grandmas…” Defying age is kwl therefore this would be interesting. And badass
  • “Can monkeys surf the net and corrupt our kids? Chimpanzee chat rooms…” Foreshadowing at the grim future of juvenile tech addiction? A metaphor for the thousands of brainless creeps out there? Nope, there were literally primates on PCs.
  • “Death wore velvety green; homicidal house plants…” This reminds me of Little Shop of Horrors. I hate Little Shop of Horrors.
  • “Brought back from the grave by black magic, but no one taught them to cross at the green! The jaywalking dead…” The actual undead or a modern society of law-breaking zombies? The former.
  • “Could a family of ghosts be living in your house rent-free? Freeloading familial phantoms…” I just like ghosts

Man, this has really made me think we need to start a petition to make Sick Sad World a reality…