luna and her love – photo by Molly.

I always stared at men and
loved them in some ways, but
cringed at the sound of their pants
button popping, cringed at the
sound of their deep yells
always aware that the body
of women felt much more beautiful to
me. but still, I felt, men were all for me
“straight is my title,” I thought as I
dreamed of curved bodies and
breasts and girl thighs.
“straight is my title.”

then I met her.

she sat on my lap, my large
thighs making a comfortable seat for
her and as she sat, as she spoke I felt my
heart starting to race and my mind ask “aren’t you

I worked up the courage after
several minutes of debating it, to lean
over and mock-jokingly mumble to her, “you’re
making me question my

and that was very much the case.

I’ll never forget it, her face turned
towards mine, she said, red lips in a
smile, “sexuality is fluid

the best advice I’ll ever receive.

those words were engraved in my
head on the car ride home and
all night my heart ached and
confusion twisted around my
mind, wondered what I
felt and who I

confusion, the top word on my
mind for days and days
she made my heart race just like
any boy had, she made me feel warm
more than any boy had, and maybe
I thought, maybe, I wasn’t this
straight label.

looking in the mirror never felt so
good until I looked at my face
smeared with her red lipstick and those
words she said the night we
met started to feel more like

“why should I confine myself to men,” I
wondered, “when a woman can make me
feel just as

my girlfriend, my girlfriend, my
lovely girlfriend, she’s done more for
me than she’ll ever know.

I don’t need a label to
share my own business with
others, I myself know what makes me
feel good, and good to me is

# # # # # #

April 11, 2013


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