I went on a little roadtrip to the UK with my parents in the beginning of August. We went to Brighton, Oxford, The Harry Potter Studio’s, The Cotswold’s, Kent and then the cherry on the pie: London. Fellow Pulp Babe and amazing human bean (yes this was an inside joke sorry not sorry) Ophelia was nice enough to show me around London for five days. Five days full of vintage shops, milkshakes, instagram selfies, slumber parties and meet ups with other cool internet girls. It was so good and thank you so much Opi for everything, I love you so much! All the photos where taken by me (unless I am on them) with a Fujifilm disposable camera.

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August 28, 2013


Love these photos, I think sometimes disposables are more effective than expensive cameras. Wish I could go vintage shopping with you guyys!!!!

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