Once you start listening to the ultra-dreamy, humming tunes by Sweet Valley Slumber Party you won’t be able to stop. Their songs are dripping with lofi, retro pop goodness that’s accompanied by sweet surf-like guitar riffs. The vocals are enchanting, soft & youthful, almost a murmuring tone, like a voice you would hear in a dream. Check out our interview with these babes and be sure to check out their music asap!

TPZ: First and foremost, who are the Sweet Valley Slumber Party members? How many of there are you?

SVSP: Sweet Valley Slumber Party is myself, Bethel and my darling husband, Kam. We write and record everything together, and when we play live our super cute friends Tristan Ellis and Sal Gabriel join us on bass and drums.


 TPZ:I get strong summer/beach vibes from your lot! Who are your major inspirations with music or otherwise? What does the name SVSP mean? Did you make it up?

 SVSP: We love the beach and the romance that summer brings, french kisses, road trips, the mountains, the desert, The Ramones, The Rolling Stones, The Shangri-Las… We stole the name from my favorite book series by Francine Pascal, Sweet Valley High. It was my favorite growing up. To us it just represents being young, a little naive, reckless and crazy in love.


TPZ: Okay so you officially have the coolest reason for a band name!! So much fun and nostalgic feelings! I thought the Sweet Valley High had something to do with it but the Slumber Party makes it your own! <3

SVSP: Aw thanks!


TPZ: Okay awesome! So on your EP or recorded music rather, is it just you and Kam?

SVSP: Yup! Kam and I recorded our album “Virgins” together alone, half in our family’s cabin in Big Bear and the other half in our apartment in Fullerton.


TPZ: Sounds wonderfullllll! Is that how you get inspired to write music? The beach and mountains etc? Sounds so romantic!

SVSP: We totally get inspired by the beach and the mountains, by road trips, and by our family and friends. Mostly though, the ups and downs of being in love.


TPZ: Who do you hope to reach with your music? Do you have a target audience?

SVSP: We don’t really have a target audience. We really just write music for ourselves because it makes us happy and its really fun! If anyone relates to anything we write, we think that is amazing, but we don’t have a certain type of person we are trying to reach.


TPZ: *Random observation time* Your songs are pretty short! I like that, straight to the point!

SVSP: We just have a short attention span!

TPZ: I was reading the lyrics to Wedding Bells *great song everyone, you can read the lyrics here http://sweetvalleyslumberparty.bandcamp.com* and I suppose I was expecting a happy song about wedding bells but instead I read/listened to this beautiful poetic piece, what inspired this?

Straight to the ground,

our plane is going down,

no hope we’ll land,

us hand in hand.


I don’t want to know.

I don’t want to go.


Knowing I’ll die,

with you by my side,

straight to the sea,

nothing will be.


I don’t want to know.

I don’t want to go.

SVSP: Thanks! That song was a tough one to write. Kam and I were in a long distance relationship several years ago, I was living in Sydney Australia and Kam was in Los Angeles, CA. Being apart when you’re in love can be absolutely miserable, and sometimes I really felt like I could die if I didn’t get to see him. Also our relationship was somewhat in a state of limbo, being that we weren’t entirely sure if we were going to make it through our long distance struggles. Thankfully we did and this song was one of our attempts to capture the heartache that sometimes takes place during a long distance relationship like the one we went through.


TPZ: That is so rad. Such an intimate song! What do you hope to accomplish with your super groovy music?

SVSP: I really just want to have fun! I want to keep writing music with my husband and friends, and hopefully get people dancing and making out to it!


TPZ: Rapid Fire Question timeeeee! Dream band to tour with?

SVSP: Hunx and His Punx <3


TPZ: Favorite Spice Girl?

SVSP: Favorite spice girl was for sure Ginger. She was just ridiculous and had the raddest outfits.


TPZ: What song are you listening to on repeat right now?

SVSP: The Ramones – Leave Home has been on repeat in our apartment the last week or so. Can’t stop listening to that record.


TPZ: Crazy performance story? Go go go!

SVSP: Our first show I got so scared that out of nervousness I drank like 12 mimosas, was pretty trashed, threw my guts up and then went and played the show. It was fun but I definitely would no do that again.


TPZ: Anything else you would like to say? At this point I will plug all of your social media stuff!

SVSP: Thanks so much for doing this with us, we love The Pulp Zine and are seriously stoked to be included! We’re playing a bunch of shows coming up, one at The Down and Out in LA on May 19th, one on July 5th at Che Cafe in San Diego for Sincerely California Zine, and one on September 27th at The Warehouse Venue in LA with Blackfeet Braves, Jeffertitti’s Nile, Drinking Flowers and Froth. We’re excited for all of them! Also we’re half way through recording a new album for Lolipop Records that’ll be out later this year. Can’t wait for you guys to hear it!




Thanks so much to Sweet Valley Slumber Party! Contact them! They are super duper nice and have wondrous tunes!

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June 3, 2013