Here is the very first installment of a monthly feature we’re calling, Pulp Penpals! We got two notebooks and sent them around during the month of May to Pulp Babes from the Zine and asked them to decorate, fill in, glitter, glue, whatever they wanted! The theme of May was Good Times so as our little journals made their rounds through different states and hands, they grew with stickers, cute drawings & doodles and lists of all our favorite things! Try starting a penpal loop with your tumblr friends or friends who may have moved away/are going away to college.This is such an ultra fun thing to do because you’ll never know what the end result will be until the deco-filled pages arrive back in your hands! The only thing that’s tough about the whole thing is how patient you need to be because the excitement is unbearable. Though distance may be in-between you, something like this makes you realize how lucky you are to have such rad friends!


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June 1, 2013


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