Pulp Penpals: June


Welcome to the second issue of The Pulp Zine! This time, we sent a whole bunch of notebooks to the amazing Pulp Babes across the world, and talked about all kinds of wonderful June “Vices”!

So, our advice from June is two-fold. First of all, we ultra-super-duper-highly recommend starting a penpal notebook project of your own!! Secondly, we’re all trying to be more accepting of our various vices and “guilty” pleasures, and SO SHOULD YOU! (To a point, of course. Obviously, hurting others in any way is really not cool.) But take this summer (or winter, if you’re a Australian babe) to practice taking care of you, you wonderful babe, you!



  1. Alice S. · July 1, 2013

    This notebook is so cool!! I’ve started a notebook for the summer (on Google Doc) with my penpal. I’m in Italy and she is in California. I think our notebook is pretty cool too.
    Happy July to everyone ^^

  2. Camille · July 1, 2013

    this notebook is totally rad!!! if you ever sold zines like these, i’d buy them all!!! have a good summer, you guys <3

  3. Cory · July 2, 2013

    This was so cute and pretty and cool and OMG!!!