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Hi y’all!  It’s your TV + Film Editor Kiya, but I’m taking a break from the film world for a moment to reflect on my own life- along with the lives of fellow Pulp Zine babes.  I’ve never been big on New Years Resolutions, my mother always said it was ridiculous to start resolutions in the dead of winter anyways and that one should create life changes during the Spring when the world is changing.  Some people might call that hippie nonsense, and I was one of those people until this year, but it makes sense to have your life coincide with your environment.  Personally, I don’t have any concrete resolutions for 2016, but I’m always looking for inspiration for new life goals- which is why this month I’ve turned to the help of the Pulp Babes to share their goals of 2016. 



I’ve never been one to make New Year’s Resolutions, talk less of even keeping them. Does it seem cheesy to anyone else to use up the made up concept of periodization to start actually doing things? But this year, I think I’ve finally realized what New Year’s Resolutions should be about: being a better you. I’m not trying to be a corny self-help writer, but I know believe that the concepts that you want to resolve should be more abstract, yet subjective. The typical New Year’s Resolution list talking about losing weight, saving money, and going to the gym 2 times a week comes off as phony to me, and happen to be the same ones that everyone break. So, this year, my first New Year’s Resolution is to have a New Year’s Resolution list that makes sense. To start my list off, I want to begin to put passion into my work, INCLUDING the stuff I do here. I often don’t put into the time and effort into the work I do and it ends up half-hearted.  I don’t want to be recognized for half-hearted work! It’s time that I set aside parts of my life to expand on my trade, because I really love what I do as a writer. Two resolutions that I have that are less abstract and conceptual are becoming a makeup god (literally how I scrawled it down in my diary at 2AM on New Year’s) and exploring music tastes. What brought to me write down the former was most likely my mother criticizing the stylistic qualities of my eyebrows, but also my willingness to express myself in different ways. One of my New Year’s Resolutions last year was to explore my style, fashion-wise, which I accomplished, expanding my closet to include things 14-year-old me was too scared to wear two years ago. Makeup is another medium of expression I’ve been scared to conquer as my look has been the same since about middle school. But these days, I want to look past just plain old black cateye liner and try, maybe, a bold lip! Strong contour! Shimmery highlight! Smoky eyeshadow! And eyebrows on in a way that please both me and my mother. With my other resolution, my music taste dramatically changed in the first quarter of 2015 and I hope that there is some similar musical tectonic shift of me this year. I love looking for new music, genre through genre. I like to think that new music makes the soundtrack to my life a little bit longer. Last but definitely not least (but probably the most trite), find where I belong. My life for the past few years has been a work-in-progress and for the most part, I’ve found myself. I know that I’m a writer, that I’m a thinker, that I’m an artist.  But it’s still been a bit difficult to find where I belong in the big scheme of things. I hope that this is the year that I can find my place. How’s that for a New Year’s Resolution list?



One important thing to know about me is that I live for lists, schedules, and planned activities. Although I appreciate spontaneity, it often makes me anxious rather than exhilarated. Since lists with specific items are already such a common presence in my life, I wanted my New Year’s resolutions to take on a more conceptual form. How do I resolve what I struggle with, avoid thinking about, and am uncomfortable tackling? The following points are some of my ideas. -Trying my best not to compare myself to others -Supporting other people’s successes, rather than being envious or beating myself up about feeling inferior -Participating in things I want to, even if I end up doing it alone and feel self-conscious about entering a new arena. This goes for attending events, joining clubs and groups, submitting creative work, and more. Going to things on my own might lead to a more impactful experience, meeting new people, or even discovering things unknown about myself. -Thinking about how I impact what I interact with, whether it be other people, the environment, or technology -Recognize that I can’t always have control over small things which I cannot change -Knowing that it’s okay to fail at all these points sometimes, but to acknowledge rather than ignore why it happened By keeping these ideas in mind, I hope to become more empathetic towards both others and myself. I’m excited to enter the future with a better awareness of how I approach things.



New Year’s Resolutions:

*Stop biting my nails
*Knit two sweaters
*Read the complete poems of Anne Sexton
*Graduate from college in one piece
*Leave the country at least once



Through the years I’ve bounced between wanting to set annual goals and not letting tine dictate my decisions. This year though, starting fresh seemed like a good idea. Starting a planner mid-year versus being able to start on the first page on the first day is really satisfying. But it’s more than that. I want to be organized in keeping dates of medical appointments, taking medication, noting when pain is severe. I also want to be on top of things will all my writing and editorial work, and submissions to people. Then there’s scholarships, FAFSA, making sure I get all the enrollment business taken care of on time. Mostly this is so I can minimize stress due to my health and anxiety, but I’ve also set a few private goals about my relationships with people and honestly with myself. It’s only about a week in, but I feel confident in my intentions. (Even though it seems like a lot haha)


So if you’re like me and don’t have any resolutions, maybe you’ll find some or maybe you’re content with yourself.  Or maybe you are like some of the fab babes above and have created obtainable goals for yourself- either way, let us know what your 2016 has in store for you! xoxo, Kiya

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January 10, 2016