image by Molly


Pastel nights and fairy lights

Car horns blaring

People staring

Beach runs with nothing but the sand beneath our feet to guide us back to the car

People laughing

Cause I’ve got a crown of flowers on my head

But it’s just there to match your crown of thorns

We’ve got nights spent laughing on my fire escape

And days spent remapping cities with our feet

You’re such a little pretty thing

Pretty thing

They told me I was such a little thing

Little baby sitting in the corner

Don’t grow up baby, stay young, baby

Let’s all stay young, baby

Let’s all spend summers on the beach

Let’s get weird on the ferris wheel

Buy me cotton candy

Teach me how to surf

I wanna stay young forever

Be a teenage dirtbag forever

We’re a chain gang of love and smoke

Screaming music down the highway

Sneaking onto my roof

I’m a teenage baby

A summer baby

We’re all pretty little young things when we’re painting pastel colors in our hair

The air’s alive with our singing

It’s all of us

Our cotton candy lives would put Lux Lisbon to shame




# # # # # # # # #

May 23, 2013