Hey Pulp poets! It’s Essine, the Pulp Poetry Editor, here to tell you about a super incredible new poet of the month: Our very own Bridgette! From breathtaking poems about death, relationships, and change, she has the perfect poems for all your March heartache or itches for new poetry. – xoxo, Essine

Art by Saffa Khan
Art by Saffa Khan


A declaration of benevolence for a boy deprived of affection who is urged to bare his heart.

“I don’t care” are just words verbalised in a manner seemingly self-convincing; a facade of strength when it is clear he lies in pieces, in despair, falling apart, trying as hard as he can to seem okay.

Mesmerising eyes express it all.

Occasionally one must hold their tongue for holding your tongue is easily done when one must deny feelings out of fear of facing rejection.

Because both are apprehensive in the face of emotion.

And she tries fervently to destroy walls so resolutely built with a motive of keeping out those with fabricated feelings.

While he didn’t have to try very hard to vaporise barricades of hers.

But how can it be demonstrated that her sole intention is to show him devotion?

Art by Saffa Khan
Art by Saffa Khan


Eloquent words falling from the mouth of a man
Make it hard not to notice the beauty of his face
As fibres stretch and pull to form a smile
Or while brows knit together.

It is everything I can do to hold off the burning
Under my skin –
The burning impulse
To reach for his hand
Or lean in closer.
The scent of his cologne simulating a false distance
Between us.

Twitching in my topmost disc urges me over,
Just a few inches.

With each minuscule snap
Of the tissue lining the very tip of my spine
I find myself unable to maintain
The position that I have.

Giving in to the abductor that had been yearning
To break away,
My neck twists
To the right
While my conscious mind
The adductor to take over.

Art by Deviant Artist, TheScratchMan
Art by Deviant Artist, TheScratchMan


I’m sorry that I smothered you

By loving you when you didn’t want to be loved.

The depths of your eyes just leave me lost in my mind.

Perhaps it’s not the right time

But I can’t seem to shut this off.

A touch that shocks right through me

And sets my soul on fire.

No amount of words to show to you

Your effect on me.

Just one word

That might make you flee.

Emotionally detached.

Art by Saffa Khan
Art by Saffa Khan


Cold fingers, cold glass.
Odd how the daily routine transformed
from normal to haunting
in seconds flat.

In an instant her face filled with stress,
eyes a window to things falling apart.
Slow movements made it seem
as if time had stopped.
Such a blank look on her face
made the heartbreak evident.
The drop of her fragile heart
could be felt with one glance.

Through the halls she moved
tears clearly blocking her vision.
Pacing back and forth only caused
the small room to close in tighter.
An illusion.
Voices; a jumbled mess, actually,
turned to white noise
rising louder and louder.
Still the ticking of the clock
stood out as immensely as her pain.

Such a sorrowful sound her crying was,
as it had appeared that she was
no longer breathing.

How could it be true?
An instant,
unbearable heaviness descended.
Her knees giving out,
the flowing of tears continuing
as she sank
to the ground.

Twenty-one is not supposed to be a year to die,
It is supposed to be the year to live.

Art by Saffa Khan
Art by Saffa Khan


Things one meant to say
But didn’t
Overthinking, overloading, overtired
Controlled moves carry such grace
While uncontrolled thoughts
Ruin the game

No impulse to perfect
Only words
A saviour dousing the flames

Rock bottom
What a mess
The smoke rises higher
As expected
Just what should happen;
Is anybody there?
Endless darkness
In despair

Words to know, from Musculature:
Fibres – thin pieces that form muscle and nerve // Disc – round, flat cartilage between back bones // Abductor – muscle that moves a body part away from normal positioning //Adductor – muscle that moves a body part back to normal positioning

Bridgette Annalyse (Jameson) is a young Choctaw living in a Los Angeles suburb. Her passion for all art forms have brought her to the zine, where she’s also an editor. She enjoys art collaborations, talking about rad things, and Psychology. You can find her on twitter, facebook, check out her blog, or reach her via email bridgette@thepulpzine.com! A major thank you is given from Bridgette to Saffa and TheScratchMan for the art, including the featured image by the latter artist. Bio writing is also generally done by herself but in third person~

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March 1, 2015