Being a kid wasn’t the greatest thing in the world to me. Most of my
childhood I remember sitting in my basement watching Nick Jr. shows I knew I was
too old for. I spent most of my childhood scared of everything. The worst thing I
could think of was playing dress up and using my mom’s lipstick (and accidentally
breaking it…). I didn’t take risks because I was afraid of the consequences (so sad, I
KNOW). I just knew one day I would finally be a teenager and get to do all the
badass stuff I’ve always wanted to. And when I had the infamous ‘talk’ with my
mom, I knew that when I would start puberty, I would become the thing I’d always
wanted to be. And when I got my period for the first time, I could hear the angel
choir singing. It was the first real adult thing I’d ever done in my life. It was an honor
that I was lucky enough to be bestowed with. Finally I would dress the way I wanted
to, and say the things I wanted to, and do the things that interested me… I even
realized that cross legged/pretzel wasn’t the only way you can sit on
the floor, THERE ARE SO MANY OPTIONS: on your belly with legs up, knee’s to
chest, legs just straight out, etc. Now that I’m way into teenager hood I’ve done all
the things my little kid mind always wanted to do. Instead of sitting on a swing in
silence, friends and I go out when and to where we want. I don’t feel so restricted, I
feel free.

Thank you to Jess for taking the forest photos!

# # # # # # #

April 15, 2013