Aimee Bee Brooks is an illustrator that resides in New York. She aspires to write and illustrate her own books. You can view her website here and her blog here.

Alaska Mangialetto is a Miamiland Florida girl, stylist, designer, and writer. Fantasy lover. Founder and creative director of Jacked Fashion. “In movement is blessing”

Amanda Lanzone is an illustrator from New York. Check out her work here.

Audrey Pfister is a visual artist and feminist from Australia, who cries over the ‘Paris, Texas’ soundtrack, wishes she was friends with Suzy Bishop, and dreams of living in a pink house. See more of her work here and her tumblr here.

Caitlin Low is a Law and Journalism student who lives vicariously through ’90s TV characters. She’s the wallflower in the corner, wearing triple-denim and a novelty Pokemon necklace.

Essine Kilpatrick-Boe is a drama queen & body-posi feminist who likes the color pink, painting up a storm, and living a Tracy Turnblad-esque lifestyle. When she’s not being the cutest cry baby ever, she writes poetry, make collages, draws things, & spends obscene amounts of time on the internet. You can find her here, here, and here.

George is a self proclaimed nutter and semi-professional procrastinator living in Shanghai. She loves rock concerts, shitty TV shows, and pulling elaborate pranks. She plays guitar and jams at any available opportunity. Her current favourite bands are FIDLAR, Pixies, and Tame Impala.

Hannah Belden is an art student, dog lover, and the Music Editor for the Pulp Zine. For direct inquiries, email Find her on instagram and at her website.

Hannah Ziegler is your average pop culture obsessed babe from Toronto. She hopes to pursue a career in Journalism or Film when she grows up, but her back-up plan is to sell homemade key chains door to door just like one of her inspirations, Deb from “Napoleon Dynamite.”

Ibe Rossel is a teenage writer/wannabe photographer. She spends her time trying to capture her friends with a disposable camera and trying to be a Wes Anderson character (which failed so she is trying to be Annie Hall right now). She also loves Stevie Nicks and JD Salinger books.

Jessi Jae Joplin is a model, dancer, singer and actress from Los Angeles, CA. She has been featured in several publications like Nylon, Nasty Gal and Dolls Kill. She is best known for being the lead singer of the pop/rock band The Ruckus and for being the founder and CEO of the fashion production company THE FABULOUS STAINS.  Find her at her website and on instagram.

Justine Reyes is a weird girl from an old Spanish town in California that directly translates to “The Cats.” In her spare time, she takes pictures of strangers, makes tacky art, listens to movie soundtracks, and writes/illustrates for her school paper. She has a spiritual connection to Karen Orzolek & Quentin Tarantino and can’t go a day without inadvertently injuring herself. See more of her work here and here.

Kimi Selfridge (of Tan Camera) is a Brooklyn-based visual artist embarking on a journey to capture the world from her wonderstruck point of view. Working exclusively with analog film formats, she styles her photo shoots and otherwise progresses with little to no plan. Entering an uncontrolled environment, Kimi reacts with a discerning eye to splice subject and setting, which lends itself to her commitment of never altering the photographs, allowing the work to remain honest and original. See her work here.

Liv Thurley is a babe from London, studying Sculpture at degree level in University. She loves travelling and recently spent the summer travelling around North America. Her camera goes everywhere with her in order to fill her library with interesting photos.

Lohla Ramona is, first and foremost, an artist. Secondly, a lifestyle brand. Third, the physical embodiment of the internet.

Lucy Quinn “I feel I understand existence, or at least a minute part of my existence, only through my art.” (Vladimir Nabokov) Lucy is a writer, actress, and filmmaker from the Metropolitan area. She can recite half of Lolita and all of The Crucible by heart, feels uncomfortable writing about herself outside the veil of a character, and believes art imitates life imitates art. All of her stories are true, even when they’re not.

Kiki Nicole is a tea enthusiast witch baby who just wants to feel it all. She writes lots of poetry, reads lots of books, and eats lots of oatmeal. She blogs here.

Mariah Freire is a fickle Aquarius girl with a love for the celestial and baked goods (and cats and rave music).

Mary K Cantrell is a journalism student living in Austin,Texas. she loves photography, writing (the bulk of which is done at 2 am), meeting weird people, and listening to sweet jams. She’s pretty much always tired and is learning to speak French. Find her here and here.

Mirren Kilpatrick-Boe is a blogger boy obsessed with photography, The Smiths, Rocky Horror, getting the Morrissey quiff, Jinkx Monsoon, & hating everything else. He blogs here & has a mediocre art blog here.

Molly is an illustrator and occasional contributor to The Pulp Zine. She is a fiercely patriotic intersectional feminist. To see her works, click here. For inquiries or commissions please email Instagram is @molly.mca

Molly Sheehan is a lil photographer/artist from New York. She enjoys quinoa, dogs, the forest, j-chilling and smoking weed. A hundred motherfuckahs cant tell her nuttin.

Naomi Wong is lousy, calm, and not-so-collected, hailing from a small town in the North of England. She spends too much time watching films, taking pictures, and attempting to rap to the Beastie Boys. She is obsessed with Sofia Coppola and aspires to wear sunglasses like Wong Kar-wai. Her work can be seen here.

Ophelia Horton is a girl who spends her days doodling, failing at writing angsty diaries, trying to stop second-guessing her outfits, and taking shameless selfies. She likes dressing up like a granny, or a little girl, taking photos, and making things. She lives in London and yeah okay… she is a bit awkward, but in real life she’s pretty cool. Oh, and also she’s a feminist.

Polina is an Internet addicted teen girl, artist, and feminist from Moscow. She is obsessed with Sofia Coppola, street fashion, and cats.

Roma lives in upstate New York. In her spare time, she loves listening to shoegaze, watching 30 Rock, and reading Kurt Vonnegut books. She also enjoys writing about feminism, fashion, and philosophy. She is the blog mom of Sartorial Tampon Queen and curates a zine called Butch.

Saffa Khan is a pathan queer illustrator from Manchester, UK. Eat something yummy & take a peek in her world on instagram @saffa.khan

Sawa is pure sunshine and rainbows. She is a cloud collector who thrives off being positive and sharing/finding beauty in life. BeautifulUrself everyday through her artistic visions here and here.

Scarlett Shaney is a photographer, stylist and writer residing in London. A fashion-loving, strident feminist, she enjoys obsessively collecting magazines, listening to records whilst daydreaming of living in another era, and anything by David Lynch. She’s also president of her university’s feminist society ArtsFems, and curates exhibitions, makes zines and campaigns for less sexist bullshit. You can view her portfolio here or follow her here and here.

Sinéad (aka SATU) is a semi-awkward kitten girl with a penchant for synth beats and all things pastel. Her work can be found here and here.

Shanice Brim is a writer who grew up in Alabama where she spent her childhood being obsessed with Ruby Bridges, The Spice Girls, and Harriet Tubman. She spent college in California, lived in New Jersey, is currently based in NY but is always on Tumblr.

Yazmine is a teenage Winona Ryder wannabe who honestly believes it’s 1999. She really likes bands and glitter.

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