An Interview and Gallery with
Padi of summonflyingtoenail

After working up the courage to contact Padi regarding commissions, I thought “Hey, what about an interview?” and was thrilled when she said she’d be interested. For readers who aren’t familiar with her work or @summonflyingtoenail, she’s an artist based in Bangkok, Thailand who describes herself as a “full time lazier and part-time worker.” However lazy, her talent is clearly not impacted! She’s also the “head to toe” of @summonflyingtoenail, a shop selling phone cases, stickers, prints, shirts, toes, and more.

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BRIDGETTE: How long have you been doing digital art?
PADI: For about 10 years ago – since 2005 to be exact. I was 15 at the time and was introduced to digital media at first. It was a fanart of my favorite fantasy novel of the time and I was so interested in trying this new method. So I’ve been practicing since then.

BRIDGETTE: Are there other art forms that interest you?
PADI: Watercolor is my off-screen favorite method (or should say that it is the most time saving method? Haha I am so lazy.) I also love doing pencil drawings too.

BRIDGETTE: What was the first artwork you created?
PADI: Ahhhh the first artwork of mine is the fanart for the novel I mentioned haha. It was very bad and people criticized me very harshly. It’s what really tempted me to be better.

BRIDGETTE: All of your art I’ve seen is of famous people. Do you ever create OCs (original characters)?
PADI: Yes! Actually, when I first began doing Digital Art I was creating them in terms of fantasy characters because I once was dreaming about being a concept artist for gaming. A lot of time has since passed and now real life doesn’t allow me to dream as much as before. Art becomes my main income so sometimes I get really tired of doing it. (Everything called “work” is really boring though.) But I am still trying to find time to draw as a hobby as well. Since I don’t have such a creative mind like before I just do fan art of certain people instead haha

BRIDGETTE: Have you done/thought about doing tutorials, or do you find yourself too busy?
PADI: Recently I have done some step-by-step things on how I do my artwork. They’re shared on my tumblr and Instagram.

BRIDGETTE: Do you have any pre-creation rituals, like setting up a work station or refreshments?
PADI: Oh not really, but I do have to listen to some songs or else I couldn’t produce any drawing or anything. Like back when I was still in university years, when drawing or watercolour class was coming up I would listen to Radiohead. Listening to them is the only way for me to do a painting or drawing in time haha. I’ve tried other artists, but it’s not effective like Radiohead’s music.

BRIDGETTE: Walk us through a typical day of yours.
PADI: Right now my day is really boring. Wake up, drooling on bed until certain time, get up to drink water, find something to eat, drink coffee, drooling on couch while reading where I left off in a novel last night, suddenly remember that I should work, turn on computer, find some newly released songs, remember again that I should work, work for about 3 hours before I feel bored, turn off computer, go back to novel, drink more coffee, dinner, watching some after news drama, novel again, sleep, then repeat.

Wow, really boring T^T Except for sometimes when I have a really big job task from the company that I am freelancing with. I do graphic designs for fashion brand here in Thailand. That time I will rarely go back home and sleep properly because the jobs are too big to get done. Really bad for health to stay up for so long.

BRIDGETTE: How has being an artist changed your life?
PADI: Makes me want to go back to when I was on the road for university after finishing high school and choose to study something else… Haha. Just kidding. Art is only thing I can do. Even if I have only one person who likes my works, I am really happy and really grateful.

BRIDGETTE: Your time spent outside of art is spent on…?
PADI: Right now extra time is for novels. Ancient Chinese Drama novels to be exact. Especially something that involves the politics inside the palace of Emperors or Empresses.

BRIDGETTE: Do you think your artistic nature helped you stay organized for school?
PADI: The last time I was in school was four years ago. Every assignment needed to be done or I wouldn’t get a grade. I guess that my artistic nature was at its peak performance during that time and did help me organize myself wisely.

BRIDGETTE: Do you do any art journaling? (#artjournal #studyblr)
PADI: Maaaanyyyy haha. I love lectures with many pictures to help me understand what I really study at that time. Especially when study Aesthetics (something like Art History, but deeper into the head of the artists.) Look at my lecture notebook and you will see Monet’s lotus pond with Duchamp’s toilet together in my doodling lines haha. Ah I miss studying so much.


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Speed Round

Ah that’s hard. But in terms of sound I prefer EXO

Sweets or crisps?

Do you believe in ghosts?
Yes I do T^T I do believe in Area51 and Aliens too.

eBay or Amazon?

Favorite song? (All time or currently)
All time is songs from Thom Yorke and Placebo, and at the moment is FXXK With Us by Lee Hi

Favorite flower?
Don’t have any specific one since I am not the nature appreciating person T^T

Artist who inspires you most?
Jung Juno who made concept art for Lineage II

Dream vacation location?
Anywhere that has Lama Temple. I am so into this kind of aesthetics

Sunrise or sunset?

Favorite alcoholic beverage?

Favorite meal for a Friday night?
Anything with avocado

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April 6, 2016