Hey babes inhabiting the magical world of Pulp!

Outfit of My Dreams is gonna be a new monthly feature talking about some of the Pulp Zine babe’s ~DREAM OUTFITS~ that fit a different theme each month! We’re kicking it off for the dreamy summer month of July with Dreamlanders, which basically means anything revolving around the fluffy, gorgeous world of summer dreams: John Waters, clouds, and hazy summer vibes abound! Enjoy! – Essine


Dreamlander Essine
Romwe cloud dress, Payless saddle shoes, vintage cat eye glasses from Etsy, Tarina Tarantino earrings, MAC Archie’s Girls lipstick in Betty Bright

My main style goal lately has been to become the dreamiest, filthiest, pastel-iest princess I can be! I’ve been feelin’ some hardcore dreamy summer vibes, and John Waters is my forever babe. I’ve been drifting towards everything pastel, quirky, and ’40s through ’50s inspired, with cute modern prints. My birthday goal is to finally get some saddle shoes and buy my own private cloud for a bachelor pad/club. It’s unlikely, but I can dream, right? – xoxo



Dreamlander Tessa
jacket: thrifted/diy, wanda patch: Etsy, necklace: vintage, top: forever21, skirt: thrifted, shoes: vintage

If I was a character in a John Waters film, this would be my official costume. Lately I’ve been really into 60s girl gang vibes, mismatch patterns, and PINK. My make-up consists of cat eyes, pink blush, and 99 cent lipstick. My latest obsessions have been magazine ads from the 1960s, Wanda Woodward from Cry Baby, The Ronnettes, and 1950’s films.

Dreamlander Tessa 2Dreamlander Tessa 3



Dreamlander Montgomery

I love the fun vintage dresses that I collect, but it’s photos of couture gowns that adorn my bedroom walls. I don’t even want to own them; to me they are works of art that demand to be admired. I personally love long sleeves, as well as pastels. Peter Pan collars, poodle skirts, flatforms, red lipstick, and emerald earrings are interchangeable at this point, as those are some of my favorite accessories. Not being one to match my clothing (like, at all), I tried to match this STUNNING Spring 2012 Elie Saab gown, worn on the beautiful Fan Fan Bing (style icon number 3 for me), with a Marchesa studded oval clutch, Flower Power NastyGal platforms (remember I don’t know how to match lol), and ART YOUTH SOCIETY triangle ring.


Dani E.:

Dreamlander Dani E.
My Dreamy Outfit

My dream outfit consists of sugar and rainbows and glittery messages from heaven above (where Ezra Koenig and Mac Demarco reside). It’s quite funny because I in fact only own about 10% of this perfect dream of an outfit. Eventually, I will own the complete look and I’m sure glitter will fall from the sky (complete with clouds made of cotton candy, of course) and hot babes will appear at my side, and oh, it will be something out of a John Waters’ movie. So, first: the shirt you see here (worn by a brunette double bun hairstyle, whatta qt). It is titled the “Dawg Slob T-Shirt” from my very favorite store, Lazy Oaf. The shoes are a pair of Juju babes in the clear glitter color (which I actually just bought btw). Everything else was found after long hours on Etsy in my favorited items. Ooh, and of course, the Totoro backpack, which is just the bee’s knees!! I even added my favorite pins from our very own online store… *drum roll please* The Pulp Girls. My favorite is the Ezzy one, he is such a babe wow. Everlasting Arms should start playing right now, don’t you think?



Dreamlander Bee

For this month’s *dreamy* outfit, I put together a look featuring some pieces that I’ve been absolutely loving lately. A big epiphany I’ve had recently: Maxi skirts make GREAT dresses! Just pull your skirt up to your chest, tie a belt around your waist, and voilà! The perfect multi-tasking summer outfit that saves you some concert cash and still keeps you looking divine. Pair it with some flats, a flower crown, cute sunglasses, earrings, a bold lip and a denim jacket (if it gets chilly) for a forever rad look! This maxi skirt features daisies, my favourite flower ever. In dire need of a good summer soundtrack? Listen to some Washed Out to catch those dreamy, pastel, sun-soaked and chilled-out summer vibes.

Have fun in the sun! xo



Dreamlander Kiya

I feel like if I was the heroine in a John Waters movie, this would be my signature outfit, the look people would aspire to recreate. I’d have pink hair as a sort of, tribute to his movie Pink Flamingos, and all the while I would skateboard around on my fabulous leopard print skateboard and harass boys. There seems to be a recent obsession with putting Bart Simpsons head on clothing, and I’m fully embracing that trend. All of John Waters’ stars are tough babes, and what screams “tough” more than a punk-like jean vest covered in feminist patches?! The last thing to make this a perfect Dreamlanders outfit would be the most beautiful donut known to humankind…the pink glazed one.  (Actually all donuts are perfect and beautiful and should be loved equally… expect plain ones, which can disappear for all I care.) (And btw, the background is a concert because all I’m doing this summer is going to shows. I SAW MGMT LAST WEEK AND ANDREW IS A HEAVENLY ANGEL) – xoxo

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July 10, 2013


I’ve been blinded by the perfection. These outfits were practically delivered from god…Now I can’t stop wanting a cloud mansion where Ezra Koenig and I make milkshakes and dance all day. Those pies look so beautifull!!


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