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Hey Pulp Babes! Lately I’ve been obsessing over some amazing art, and I have to share it with you! These artists are so talented; it’s insane. I hope you love them as much as I do!




Brie’s work is probably the most unique art you’ll see. It’s whimsical and funny, and while she says she’s inspired by kid art, her work is anything but. She’s crazy talented, and her abilities go beyond drawing! Pictured above is a sculpture she created, which is colorful and crazy, and makes me want to live in her world. Brie is totally the coolest and cutest. 
you can find Brie at:
and on Instagram: @boogerbrie




I’ve been following Grace for a while on tumblr, and I really love her art. Her style is totally different from anything I’ve ever seen! She’s also a member of the Black Salt Collective . Her attention to detail really makes her passion evident, and I also love how she plays with the ideas of identity and culture. I’m totally jealous of her talent. 
You can find Grace at:




Maddie is a student at FIT, currently living in New York City. I’m obsessed with her photography, because it feels familiar (in a good way!) I feel like I could be friends with the people she captures, and I could pass by the same scene she photographed on my way home from school — but it would never seem as pretty as it does through Maddie’s lens. 
I totally recommend looking at more of Maddie’s pictures here:




I could honestly look at Cheyenne’s photographs all day!!! They look like dreamy stills from a movie I would love to be in. The bright colors, the beautiful subjects, the way she captures the city… I’m obsessed with it all. When I asked her about what the inspiration behind these lovely photos is, she said: “My inspiration comes from anyone I meet and connect with/share intimacy with. I’m also really inspired by abstract paintings, snap-shot photograph,y and films and feminist artists.” Below are some of her favorite personal photos from when she first moved to New York. ( I wish I could pick a favorite photo, but that would be way too hard). cheyenne 2 cheyenne pics 1
You can see more of Cheyenne’s photographs at:

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November 5, 2013