Earlier this week we shared an image of three oracle cards across our social media. For the Pulp babes that missed it, here is the image. Take a look and see which card you feel drawn to: Left (1), Center (2), Right (3). The cards shown are from Lucy Cavendish’s deck, Oracle of the Shapeshifters. Art for this deck was done by Jasmine Becket-Griffith.

Oracle card choices

94% of you said that you felt drawn to card #2, the center card. A few said #1, the left, and I believe one person said they felt drawn to #3, the right. I’ve decided to read for all of the cards so no one is left out; most important is intuition even if it leaves you as the black sheep. Let us know in the comments what you think and if this reading is helpful!

Card #2 – Center

Brother Raccoon: A safe place for you to go

Now is a time of major change, filled with things you will likely want to share with those around you or important to you. But sometimes identities, projects, plans, and thoughts are better kept as secrets until they have been carried out and transitions are complete. Though doing this might make you feel sneaky, it is important that you remember the protection of yourself and the things you have to give is a good thing. After all, who wants to be vulnerable to exploitation, being used, or having hard work stolen?

Brother Raccoon is a reminder to camouflage yourself – even for strangers or those who know your true nature. Everyone has their own agenda and many people will follow you like a snake in the grass. Brother Raccoon will show you safe spaces and safe people away from appropriation and toxicity; he will guide you through protecting your self, ancestry, projects, cherished things, and any other aspects that need not be seen at this time. After all is said (not aloud) and done, you will be reborn of a heart-centered space and without need to hide.

Crystal recommendations: Any grounding stone of your choice (Hematite, black Tourmaline, Jasper, green Aventurine, Bloodstone, Unakite) and a clear Quartz to bring clarity.

Card #1, Left

Sacred Belt Armour: You have a might shield

“Different beetles have different meanings, but they are all wish bearers.” Beetles are great psychic protectors, and the Atlas Beetle of the Sacred Beetle Armour card is a reminder of this. Unlike Brother Raccoon, this card is a reminder that friends are important; that despite the forces and people who wish to work against you, you are strong and have what you need to be rid of adversity. It is up to you to remove yourself from the path of harm.

These things that are out of balance can be as simple as the sun and wearing sunscreen, or as complicated as a person who wishes to harm you. Work with your inner self. Make your glow bright and let sacred waters clear your spirit, physical self, and emotions. Do not fear strong psychic connection. Let yourself be protected and taught how to protect.

Crystal recommendations: Amethyst or Celestite for psychic connection and ability, and a protection atone (Agate, Carnelian, Herkimer diamond, Moonstone, Selenite, Quartz)

Card #3, Right

Little Brother, Little Sister: Siblings, younger friends, responsibility

Little Brother, Little Sister is indeed a card that focuses on responsibility. During this season of sports and holidays the word “responsibility” can evoke quite the dreadful feeling. But fear not! This card symbolizes many great outcomes that you might not be expecting. For those of you with siblings, you might soon take on the responsibility of looking after them; or perhaps they are approaching the age where they will be looking up to you and you need to be setting a good example. For others, you may find that you are given the responsibility of a pet or leading a club or heading a new company project. The possibilities are endless.

The detail that is most important to remember here is that you will get the chance to learn about yourself as a leader. You will get to see yourself inspire others and teach them to be better people. And while that may seem scary, it is one of the most rewarding things you could experience. If at any time you feel burdened or unready to make any type of sacrifice, remember that what might not be obvious to you is sure to make a difference.

Crystal recommendations: Something to help with any stress/anxiety (tree Agate, peach Moonstone, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, smokey Quartz) and blue Kyanite to strengthen your voice.


DISCLAIMER: Under no circumstances do the author, Bridgette, anyone involved with the staff at The Pulp Zine, or the deck creators assume responsibility for any outcomes relating to this reading. This reading has been purely for fun. The reader assumes full responsibility for themselves and their actions following this reading.

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October 17, 2015