Hello Pulp cuties~ It is officially November, and that means a new theme and tons of rad new reading. For some reason November feels like particularly busy month for me, and I can imagine it feels that way for a bunch of you. Through all my responsibilities here at The Pulp Zine, I have taken on something else: Poetry editor! (As well as accepted a spot on the Natives in America team!)

November is definitely a time of transition. (Isn’t every month?) October has turned into November, which means Halloween is over and now it is time for:

And then there is the transition into Winter aka Christmas, Hanukkah, etc. More holidays! There’s always that one thing that stands out through all of these holidays – the people who are missing. The birthdays and anniversaries of deaths for the loved ones no longer with us. Somehow there only seemed to be one theme where holidays, identity, and loved ones could be celebrated and remembered: culture.


Culture. What does it mean to you? When I pitched the idea of culture as a theme four or so months ago, I thought perhaps it was not descriptive or imaginative enough; that for some reason things would be repetitive or gloss over things we have already touched on. But I am happy to say that here at The Pulp Zine, culture is something we are thinking about every day. My entire being is overjoyed with the response this theme has gotten! While this  is only a loose theme, it can certainly inspire a lot. The word culture can be used to describe so many different things:

From there we may see people sharing a day of what they do at their actual house, in their city, or maybe even with a significant other – if they consider home to be non-physical – in Day in the Life. This month readers will get to see Reclaim the Bindi Week, articles on safe spaces for Black women and Black hair, how culture is represented in museums, and so much more.

Looking past my own anxieties about something that has so much potential I realized that a few Pulp Babes were actually worried about something more: Native American Heritage Month. With a theme like culture some may wonder if they are co-opting NAHM by participating. But I promise you, you are not. (Just like any other media being put out, it’s important to be mindful of any racism, appropriation, stereotyping, and general misconceptions about Natives.) And to honor Native American Heritage Month, I published a masterpost this morning with resources for Natives and non-Natives alike! Plus, here’s a little secret: our Poet of the Month is Native American~

If you would like to pitch an article idea or have a submission for us this month, go ahead and email thepulpzine@gmail.com! We are always accepting and wanting your work! As always, Natives or anyone with ideas for Secret Journal, Book Club, or Poetry can email me directly at bridgette@thepulpzine.com! We can’t wait to hear from you and share a bunch of brilliant things in the days to come.


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November 1, 2015