Happy Native American Heritage/History Month!

This masterpost has been created as a resource for sharing all things Native with our readers and to celebrate Native cultures. Two lists have been compiled specifically for this masterpost: the Indigenous Twitter list, which is actively added to, and the Native American Face Claim Directory for roleplayers and authors who wish to add diversity when writing. (The former is, of course, on my Twitter, and the latter is on Tumblr.) These will never be deleted so feel free to bookmark and share them!


Blogs to Follow:

Native Appropriations *
Deadly Bloggers
Just Seeds
– Berlin Gallery
Contemporary North American Indigenous Artists
Not Aromantic (Inactive but educational)
National Museum of the American Indian
âpihtawikosisân *
Project 562 *
Bad NDNs *
Red Power Media

Print & Media:

Indian Country Today
– Last Real Indians
Urban Native Magazine
Natives In America
Native Peoples Magazine
Native Max Magazine
The Red Nation
KANATA (McGill’s Indigenous Studies Community)
Reznet News
The Ways
Native Times/Native American Times
Osage News
Windspeaker – AMMSA
Buffalo Nickel Creative
Native Public Media

Radio, Podcasts, & Artists:

Red Man Laughing
Native America Calling
A Tribe Called Red
Frank Waln
The Joy Cardin Show
Native Trailblazers
Native Voice One
NA Music on PowWows.com
Stuff You Missed in History Class
Samantha Crain
Native American Music Awards
Nataanii Means
Native Hip Hop

Film & Television:

Native News Today
Vision Maker Media
Mohawk Girls
Rhymes for Young Ghouls
The Lesser Blessed

Organizations to Support:

Native Education Raising Dedicated Students
Thinking Indigenous
First Nations in BC Knowledge Network
Native Now Foundation
Inspire Native Teens Initiative
Idle No More
Indigenous Environmental Network
Center for Native American Youth
National Indian Education Association
It Starts With Us – MMIW

Clothing and Accessories:

Beyond Buckskin
Southwestern Association for Indian Arts
Little Redfeather Design
Virgil Ortiz
Native Threads
–  8th Generation
N8V Couture
B. Yellowtail
Urban Native Era
Not Your Mascots
Dorothy Grant

Hashtags to Explore:

– #MMIW, #AmINext
– #SaveOakFlat
– #DearNonNatives
– #IdleNoMore
– #NotYourMascot, #ChangeTheName
– #NotYourTonto, #NotYourTigerlily, #NotYourHollywoodIndian
– #NoKXL
– #DearNatives, #RockYourMocs, #NativerThanYou

And lastly, our very own articles:

#DearNativeYouth, published in April
Culture ♡ Editor’s Letter, Nov 1 @ 17:00 EST
Poet of the Month: Tanaya Winder, Nov 4 @ 17:00 EST

If you own an Indigenous company, website, blog, etc. and would like to be added to this list – or have any suggestions for it – please drop a comment, tweet @cosmicdear, or email bridgette@thepulpzine.com!

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November 1, 2015