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I love beauty products. I love hair products. I love make up. I am a veritable encyclopedia of beauty knowledge. If I’m not on Tumblr looking at beauty products (or Fashion or Arctic Monkeys) then I’m on any given beauty superstore’s website looking for new things to test out. I research beauty products with the same fervor as a book worm reads or as a culinary artist creates edible art. There is a lot of passion behind here. So I’m not surprised that when I joined the social media community site Influenster that I would qualify for a VoxBox filled with a bunch of great products that I could try. The site sent me the products below for free and I thought I’d share my reviews! So without further delay, let’s dive in.

1. Kiss Looks So Natural False Lashes in Pretty
            This first product is my undisputed favorite new product. False lashes are God’s gift to women because they instantly complete a look. The right pair of lashes can make you feel like you can conquer the entire world so I’m obviously all about them. They can be tricky to apply but after some practice I pinky promise you’ll fall in love with your own face all over again. Daily use is not required, but encouraged on those days when you need a little extra confidence boost. For beginners, the Kiss Look So Natural line of falsies will change your life. They’re lightweight and comfortable enough to wear all day long, which provides you with enough time to give a beautiful stranger a quick side eye and pull them into your love gaze.

            I’ve worn a lot of lashes ranging from high-end brands to the drug store variety and these Kiss lashes are among the most comfortable I’ve ever worn. What makes the Kiss lashes different than any other brand is the tapered end of each individual lash. Your real lashes don’t have a blunt, flat tip, but most false ones do which, while they’re still beautiful, make them really obvious. The tapering at the tip of the Looks So Natural lashes allows them to seamlessly blend into your own lashes while still giving you that extra little something. The style provided in my VoxBox was called “Pretty” but their Natural line has a variety of densities and styles for you to choose from and for beauty queens on a budget they’re insanely inexpensive. The lashes also come with their own adhesive that manages to keep the lashes in place all day. As an honorable mention, if you’re interested in an equally reliable adhesive formula that is also latex-free and pleasantly scented then I have to suggest House of Lashes eyelash adhesive. My lashes have never gone rogue with House of Lashes formula. I swear by it.

Rating: 5/5

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2. Boots Botanics Shine Away Ionic Clay Mask
         The next product takes care of that beautiful organ that stretches over your bones in such a lovely way: your skin, specifically the skin on your face. The Boots Botanics clay mask is a paraben free mask for your face that helps extract impurities from skin while evening out skin tone and clearing your complexion. It has a short list of ingredients that include: sea silt (natural oceanic clay), water, potassium sorbate (primarily a preservative for longer shelf life and usage), sodium hydroxymethylglycinate (another preservative found in most cosmetics), and willowbark. Willowbark is a fantastic little acne-fighting ingredient since salicylic acid is naturally derived from it meaning it contains acne’s worst nightmare. You see I have really interesting skin in that it is acne prone, sensitive and dry. This unholy trinity makes it infinitely difficult for me to find the perfect balance between “strong acne fighter” and “sensitive to the parts of my skin that are well behaved and don’t want to start any trouble”. It is both fortunate and unfortunate that I had a relatively bad break out just prior to receiving this in the mail. I felt a few more little zit dudes were brewing just below the surface of my skin so I added the mask to my daily skin care routine and slathered some of it all over my face once a day for week just before bed. The directions say to keep it on for ten minutes before washing off the excess with a tissue, but naturally I rebelled and rinsed it off with the assistance of a warm, damp and clean towel. I kept the mask on until its dark greenish gray color dried into a lighter shade. My skin never once felt too dry or tight after rinsing the mask away and the fine sea silt provided some exfoliation so my skin was noticeably brighter after the first use. At the end of the week with this routine the zits that were just below the surface never showed up to the party that is my face. I was pleasantly surprised to also see the pimples already on my face significantly reduced and were less inflamed.

            My one complaint would be the preservatives used in the ingredients. In order to keep the formula “paraben free” which is a major buzz word in the beauty and cosmetics industry Boots Botanics added these “naturally derived” preservatives, but they are still no better than parabens. While there’s less than 1% of the stuff in the product, sodium hydroxymethylglycinate can be an irritant to those with major skin sensitivities so I would be cautious around this ingredient. Test a sample of it on your skin before using it all over your face.

 Rating: 4/5

3. John Frieda 3-Day Straight Flat Iron Spray
           Lastly we get to the root of a lot of daily problems: hair. We all struggle with our hair and while this little product can’t solve everything it does manage to control frizz for 36 hours. The John Frieda 3-Day Straight Flat Iron Spray makes hair so shiny and smooth that I call it my little miracle in a bottle. I have typical Hispanic bred hair: thick, frizzy and knotty beyond belief not to mention damaged from heat styling. Finding a product that can tame this lion’s mane is truly on some divine intervention level. All you have to do to get manageable hair is spray it on wet or damp hair, blow dry and then flat iron if that’s the look you want. I sprayed on the product and blow-dried my hair in small sections to make sure to product was evenly dispersed throughout, no strand left behind. The result was touchably soft hair that held its style for two to three days. I don’t own a flat iron but I imagine my style would have looked very Avril Lavigne early 2000s era when everyone was obsessed with pin straight locks. It only took me over a decade to finally perfect it!

            But chances are you’re using this product with another (I paired it with Lush Cosmetics’ Shine So Bright hair treatment on my ends) or maybe even several others which means you’ll have a tough time getting to day three. My hair wasn’t so picture perfect by the end of day two, and despite using a dry shampoo (Lush Cosmetics’ No Drought) I still needed to wash it before day three even began.

Rating: 4.5/5

My VoxBox also came with Hershey’s Kisses (delicious) and some Red Rose tea samples (also delicious) and essentially that’s my review on that. It’s hard to go wrong with milk chocolate and caramel creme tea.
If you found this review at all helpful then I’m absolutely thrilled! I love sharing any new beauty finds with as many babes as possible!

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March 5, 2014