Mother’s Day should not be a once-a-year occasion. The idea that everyone, all children of some great woman, take only one day out of the year to appreciate their mother’s is pretty deplorable. Mothering is not a one-time job. It is a constant occupation, only there are no breaks, bonuses, or healthcare benefits.

What children forget the most, at any age, is that their mother had a life before they were born. Mothers are people too. They have emotions just like you do. A mother’s entire persona cannot be characterized by the fact that they have a child. Mothers are human beings, and it is impossible for any human being to be a caretaker, janitor, cook, earner, and fountain of support and adoration, all at the same time.

On this Mother’s day, remember the fact that your mom is a person, with wants, dreams, needs, and fears. Thank your mother for putting you here on this Earth, and giving you the gift of life. Thank her for doing her very best as a mother to make you happy and keep you safe. Thank your mother for loving you unconditionally, despite all the shitty things you do. Don’t take your mother for granted, because one day, you might be a mother too,  and then you might just realize how truly tough it is to be a mom.

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May 12, 2013