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It was just a high school.

Some friends and I were going to see a play at a high school. I don’t know what it is with me, I don’t like high schools. Maybe I knew it was going to be a big event. Lots of people to see their kids sing. Lots of kids singing. I hesitated at first, but I left because I did not want to annoy them. They know, I just think they don’t know the intensity of it. My heart was racing and I was scared, you can’t explain it sometimes. Why does your stomach turn? Why does your throat feel tense? Why are you scared to walk into a high school? We got out of the car and I could feel my face holding back tears just looking at the building. As soon as she opened the door and I walked further, I knew it. I left to the stair case by the door and was sobbing. My friends found me and made me laugh. I appreciated them that night. They even apologized. In the end the night was good. I was happy and calm. We even had pizza.

1: Dont focus on an anxiety attack. Try to distract yourself. It will only get worse.
2: Music
3: Breathing Techniques

Candle Wood Dr, Shawnee, Oklahoma by Bridgette


I’m actually feeling anxious right now, it’s weird. Sometimes I get in these situations where people come across as hostile to me and I have no idea why. Sometimes they are, and sometimes they are just curious about things and I just don’t know them well enough to know the difference. I’m not too comfortable speaking out about what’s gotten me into a panic right now but I will say that it’s something most people would say “Oh, just ignore it. The opinions of others are insignificant,” about. But it’s still just working me up. Writing out what’s going on when I’m feeling panic or having an anxiety attack actually helps me to calm down so I decided to write this out so you guys can see: after already writing an email in detail (five paragraphs) about the issue and coming to get a little work done (aka make sure I submit to this beautiful post) I’m actually feeling better!

Three things that help my anxiety throughout the day are
1: keeping myself occupied with something other than the thing that caused the attack,
2: writing of any sort, and
3: doing some solitary walking to find my center and enjoy the calm around me

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April 24, 2015