March is one of my favorite months. The weather (sometimes) starts to warm up, moods are lightened with the promise of spring, and it’s a great time for self-reflection and seeing how your year is going thus far. It’s the time for physical and emotional growth for both nature and humanity and has got me thinking about my growth since my most recent influential life milestone, my college graduation.


I’ve been fortunate enough that over the last several years of my life I’ve been able to look back at my Marches and recall plenty of positive memories. For example, last March during my senior year of art school’s Spring Break I traveled to Seattle Washington to scope out career and living opportunities for life after my impending graduation. At the time of the trip, I was incredibly nervous. I had been to Seattle a few times before, but not for more than a few days, and definitely not under the pressure of some major factors such as: spending a lot of my savings traveling there, this was one of the only ‘plans’ I had after college (if I hated it then what?), and my boyfriend at the time was traveling with me deciding if he wanted to make the move with me. Even with those factors looming over my head I still had an amazing time and fell in love with the Pacific Northwest more than I expected to, and decided to stop at nothing to make my move to Seattle a reality.

Flash forward to March 2016 and I have achieved my goal… kinda. I now live in Bellingham, a (much cheaper) college-town an hour north of Seattle. And I’m not trying to imply that I’m unhappy when I say I only kinda achieved my goal, Bellingham is a really beautiful place and I’ve been having a fun time living here. However, I still want to try living in Seattle out. Living in a vibrant city, and pushing myself to live in an area outside of my comfort zone would be beneficial to my growth as an artist and creative individual. Hopefully that dream becomes a reality in the near future. Until then, I will continue to take on more responsibilities and increase my efforts in all of my creative endeavors to maximize potential growth. I have recently taken on the title of the Artistic Director for The Pulp Zine and look forward to how that roll will help the site and myself grow. I hope all of you have a great, thoughtful, productive March.




March 1, 2016