My whole life I have been fat. I remember realizing it in 4th grade (or around age 10) when I looked at my best friend at the time and at my fellow classmates. My cheeks were big, I had a little belly and I just felt different. As a teenager, not only did I struggle with mental health issues, but also with self-hatred. I had bad eating habits and was in a bad mental state about my body, doing things like popping diet pills and other forms of self harm. I’m older now and I’d like to think I’m somewhat wiser. I’m going to preface these tips by saying that working on loving your body is something that will NEVER end. You will continue having to work on this for literally the rest of your life. Some of us have it easier than others, but let me let you in on a little secret… shhh don’t tell anyone: everyone at some point or another struggles with loving their body. Fat, thin, tall, short; everyone. It’s important to remember this when you are trying to work on loving your own: you’re not alone.


On Tumblr, a lot of people come to me to ask about how I learned to love my body and how I seem so confident. After assuring them that I’m just another person trying to be happy with it (as well as life in general) and that I also have my ups and downs, here are some of the things that I often tell them.


When it all really comes down to it, after years of hating myself, I realized it’s not worth my time to spend it being negative. I love my body the best I can and while there are still things that make me self-conscious, I try my hardest to only acknowledge them, but not overwhelm me.

To end it all, this is a video I found really important and helpful and inspiring:

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March 18, 2014


♥ this is so so so wonderful and important for ALL people to embrace this mindset. self love is what it means to “beautiful yourself” (my personal mantra) ~ loving yourself entirely and knowing you have the power be positive and make yourself feel beautiful inside and out. it really is a daily process that needs to be practiced. i love the photos you’ve included too. ♥

I love this so much!!! Body positivity is such an important thing and I can’t stress that enough! The video at the end is one of my favs 🙂

this is really inspiring and helpful to some one who’s delt with weight and self esteem issues all my life. Great post pulp! Thanks again! Much Love XOXO

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