Hey there princes, princesses and princex’s!

Today I’m bringing you a tutorial for a romantic look, with a bit of a silly touch at the end. I’ll keep the words brief because this is a look to add your own twist to, and you don’t need me telling you every detail!

First off, I turned my face into a blank canvas using all of these products:IMG_0015Here’s what my face looks like as a canvas:


(I know I look creepy)

Before I put any eyeshadow on, I primed my eyes with the Urban Decay primer potion in Champagne and highlighted my brow bone with the Benefit “Watt’s Up” highlighter stick



For the eyeshadow, I started off with a light tan color in my crease area. It looks a bit more orange in the picture but I assure you it’s brown.


IMG_0021Next, I added the highlights using the brightest shade in the Kat Von D “saint” pallet


IMG_0025The highlights should be in the inner corner of the eye and at the highest point of your brow arch

Then, using a soft blending brush, take a bright red color and blend it out around the outer corner of the eye in a soft cloudy shape


(I apologize for the eyeliner already in that shot)

Next, line your eyes with a black liquid eyeliner. I use Kat Von D’s tattoo liner in “Trooper”

For this look you want to do a dramatic cat eye


In order to balance the intense red, take a teal eyeliner pencil or a teal eyeshadow with a angled brush and line your lower lid. The complimentary colors clash in all the right ways. I used the Make Up Forever eyeliner pencil



Now’s the part where you generally can get creative. Pencil in your brows however you wish, and add a lip to finish the look, in whatever shade of red you desire. Contour and highlight if desired, I also added a bright pink blush just to add even more drama.

Now that the look is finished, try to look as distraught as possible while looking at a picture of a handsome man (this handsome man happens to be some great great uncle of mine)

This is where the “lovesick” part comes in. This look is all about creating a dramatic face, and what is more dramatic a situation than lounging on the couch longing after a handsome sailor?



If any of you pulp babes would like to be featured in my next article, send me pictures of you after attempting one of my tutorials!

Peace out cub scouts










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July 29, 2013


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