This time of year is usually a cause for panic among high school babes, with testing and college applications and on top of that: prom.

In order to save money on prom, I did my own hair, makeup, nails and I bought my dress with my employee discount from my work. It’s not always easy to be a makeup pro, but using some of my all time favorite brands, I pulled it off for a night.
For this tutorial, I’ll show a step-by-step process of how I did my makeup, including my favorite products that I used and different options.


What you need:
-Foundation in your shade (I’m a light-47 I believe….palest you can get)
-Matte powder in your shade
-Eye primer (optional)
-Eyebrow pencil (can use eyeliner pencil)
-Three eyeshadows: A light shimmery highlight such as white or champagne, a medium color such as brown/amber/purple/grey, and a dark shadow such as dark purple, eggplant, gunpowder grey, black, chocolate brown, etc
-Mascara (eyelash curler optional)
-Liquid eyeliner
-Lipstick in a nice shimmery red


Before you do anything:
Clean your face! I recreated the look for the pictures since prom was last week, but before the actual date I gave my face some TLC for a week. Makeup is best to put on a good, clean slate, so wash your face thoroughly beforehand and moisturize. Moisturizing is especially important if you’re like me and you get super dry skin with foundation use.

All clean? Good.

Here’s me before the magic of makeup:
First off, you’re going to want to put some foundation on to even out your skin tone and cover any blemishes. If you have a facial primer, I suggest putting it on.
The foundation I use is Kat Von D’s Lock-It Tattoo Foundation in Light-47.. I highly recommend this product

1. because it is the only brand that goes up to my paleness and 2. because it’s a long-lasting, full coverage makeup that leaves a beautiful satin finish (when done properly…remember this is a relatively quick tutorial).

Put it on with whatever brush you want. I use the Sephora professional brand foundation brush
Apply it evenly to cover your entire face except for your eyebrows and lips of course. Make sure to blend it in circular motions and not pack it on too heavy. One thing I love about my foundation is that a little goes a very long way.
After it’s even, set it with either a compressed or loose powder all over your face.
Now is the time to apply eyeshadow primer. I highly suggest Urban Decay’s eyeshadow primer potion. Mine is in the color Champagne for extra light shimmer. It makes your eyeshadow bolder and it also makes it last longer and resist creasing.
Okay, eyeshadow time. I’m using Kat Von D’s “Starry Eyes” palette. You will most definitely sense a trend with her products because she’s one of my favorite brands. This look is almost entirely from her line. High quality, nicely priced, beautiful makeup.
The set I used for this look is “lohner”
First, using the medium tone and a blending brush, cover your eyelid from lash line to the crease, blending out a bit towards the outer V of your eye.
Next, using the darkest tone and a slightly tighter packed brush, pack in the dark shade in the outer corner of your eye and into the outer V. Using the blending brush, blend the two tones together, carrying the darker tone into your crease to give more depth to your eyes.
Then, take the highlight color and pack it in the inner corner of your eye, and then right on the brow bone, making sure the most highlighted area is where you want the arch of your brow to be. Then again with the blending brush, blend the highlight down towards the eyelid and blend the mid-tone up above the crease slightly, creating a slight smokey look.
Unfortunately, I forgot to take a good picture before I put my eyeliner on, so…
Now it’s time to actually put eyeliner on. Using Kat Von D’s tattoo eyeliner in “Trooper” *****the best liquid eyeliner I’ve used! It gives you a beautiful precise line and is perfect for cat eyes******
A cat eye is always flattering, so go as dramatic as you’d like!
Mascara! Apply a few coats of your favorite brand. I don’t even know the name of mine (oops!).
Now to pull this look together, a red lip is needed. If using a regular lipstick, line your lips with a liner first in a similar shade, and then fill in.
However, I’m using Kat Von D’s Foiled Love liquid lipstick in “Adora.”
All done! Here’s the final look
Screen shot 2013-04-26 at 8.27.16 PM
If you don’t want as bright of a lip color, I suggest putting the shade FTW over Adora.
Screen shot 2013-04-26 at 8.27.29 PM
Now that the makeup is done, there’s only 9,999 more things to worry about…
xo Keep it classy
Screen shot 2013-04-26 at 8.27.46 PM

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May 3, 2013