Throughout my experiences in high school, I’ve commonly heard people refer to lingerie as useless. My friends talk practically in unison about the fact that, unless you’re “getting laid,” you don’t really have any reason to spend money on cute underwear, garter belts, and bras. For a while, I agreed with them, lingerie was uncomfortable and had no real purpose. Why subject yourself to the torture of thongs if there isn’t really any reason?

I first entered the magical world of lingerie probably the first time I went into American Eagle at the mall with my friends. I saw adorable lacy bikinis and printed bras and instantly fell in love. I decided on buying a couple pairs of underwear and kept them hidden in my room so my mother wouldn’t discover my overnight switch from the run of the mill target 6 pack of cotton whites. I started to wear my new underwear every day of the week. No one had to see it and that is what I liked most about it.

The world of lingerie is a world of taboo; as women we’re not really supposed to publicly talk about wanting to feel sexy and beautiful or wanting to spend 60 dollars on a single pair of underwear. More importantly, having great underwear is looked at something only for woman in relationships. Great underwear can transport you into a fantasy land in which you’re Beyoncé, whether or not  you have a girlfriend or boyfriend. It makes you feel awesome, and let’s be real, who doesn’t love sitting in their house alone in their underwear listening to music all day? While lingerie is definitely not cheap, it can be a great way to reward yourself after a long week of work or as birthday present to yourself. Or if you just want to treat yo’self Tom Haverford-style. Without further ado, here are some flawless places to check out when getting started on your trip to fantasy land.

The Loved One 

The Loved One is a boutique based out of Los Angeles that sells an awesome array of gorgeous vintage and handmade ballerina-esque lingerie. Each piece of lingerie is intricate looking with a dreamy Picnic at Hanging Rock vibe to it. Also, the website features equally dreamy editorials which makes me only want to buy everything more.

The Loved One Ballet Fuego Set
The Loved One Ballet Pink Fuego Set

Ohhh Lulu

Similarly to the Loved One, Lulu caters to a more dreamy ballerina aesthetic. This etsy shop is full of vintage inspired, often silk, pieces in soft pinks, purples, and floral prints. Each set is handmade in Canada so it takes a while for these gorgeous intimates to actually be in your possession but the wait will surely be worth while because who doesn’t love to feel like a sexy ballerina? The set below has been on my wishlist for far too long so its safe to say one day they will be mine

Ohhh Lulu Vintage Style Satin Lingerie 'Amethyst Smoke' Bra and Panties
Ohhh Lulu Vintage Style Satin Lingerie ‘Amethyst Smoke’ Bra and Panties

Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur is probably one of the most well known intimate makers and for the most part, their stuff is way to expensive for me to even dream of owning. Provocateur has more of a bad girl aesthetic with super sexy pieces. These are great to wear when you really need a boost. The end of the season clearance is really awesome and sets can be marked down almost 75%. I was in New York with my friends and managed to snag a pair of gorgeous baby pink lace high waisted panties 200 dollars cheaper than they were originally.

Agent Provocateur Demelza Set
Agent Provocateur Demelza Set

Lonely Lingerie from the Lonely Hearts Label 

Lonely lingerie is more grungey. These sets feature lace and velvet in dark greens, plums, and blues. Most importantly, Lonely has a great size range for smaller sizes. I’m a small busted girl so its hard for me to find bras in my size so I’m forced to wear one too big. They’re having a sale now so its a great time to buy.

Sabel Full Cut Bra and Brief
Sabel Full Cut Bra and Brief


Damaris has a similar vibe to Agent Provocateur. You can get flirty pieces but to be honest, the sexy pieces are, well, really sexy and just plain awesome. Damaris also has a great selection for girls with bigger busts, with cup sizes ranging from A-FF and band sizes from 28-40 the world is your oyster. Damaris has two different sections, plain old damaris and mimi holiday. Mimi is more flirty and lacey and Damaris is more for the sex bomb type. Below I’ve chosen to show a freaking amazing PVC set because, well, PVC is pretty amazing.

gorgeous PVC panties from Damaris' Nut Cracker Collection
gorgeous PVC panties from Damaris’ Nut Cracker Collection because who doesn’t love PVC

Other great places and spaces

Now what are you waiting for? Go off and be the awesome babe you are!

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September 2, 2013