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     You broke my cool. Remember that one time when you met your favorite band or celebrity and all you could think of saying to them was, “jhfhsd i love you, sign my boobs” or something really dumb along those lines? Or maybe you kept your cool and told them how totally inspiring they are and they mean like the entire world and more to you and you own every piece of band merch ever made and every album/ep ever produced by them. I think we can all agree that meeting someone you admire and who you constantly tell everyone about is very rewarding and memorable. With their babe-like style that make the girls swoon and weak at the knees…

Well, if you’ve experienced any of those things then what you probably have is a case of “the fangirl syndrome.” It’s okay! *let’s out a sigh of relief* You can make the best of it by staying just as dedicated and true to yourself. *Teen Idol fades out in the background as you pat yourself on the back*

Here’s a few stories to help you cope and feel connected with your fellow fangirls. Why not learn from the best: my friends!

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Paola being a total babe with Swim Deep. So much perfection ahh!

“With the sun on my back, it’s a nice day.” And it really was. It was the Thursday of SXSW in the rad city of Austin, Texas – my other love. My friend Savannah and I were waiting in line to get into the Pitchfork Party. The line was extremely long, and despite the fact we were kinda close to the entrance, the wait still felt never ending.

As I pictured meeting Foxygen in my mind vividly, my unrealistic dream was interrupted by the words, “Hey Paola, isn’t that Foxygen walking?” coming from Savannah.

My heart, like, melted and dripped to my toes.

I turned around, but it wasn’t Foxygen; it was Swim Deep. Cavan, Austin, Higgy, and Zach were walking nonchalantly as if they owned the city (which they did, with faces like that).

I said, “Oh my God, it’s SWiM DeEP!!!” (with verbal capitalization included) and ran to them like a maniac, but I didn’t care who was watching. I WAS ABOUT TO MEET SWIM DEEP. I shouted lightly, “Austin! Austin!” And the four babes all turned around.

Cavan was so thin and tall. He was fragile like a pyramid made of cards, and he was quiet and nervous looking.

Higgy was just his calm self wearing his noted Nirvana shirt.

Austin did most of the talking. We talked about how all their shows were 21+, but he told me to just go try to see them anyway (which I did the day after!!!) His accent made me melt, oh geez.

Zach was so small and cute and smiled the entire time.

We proceeded to take a group photo, and I felt grateful they did because they seemed to be in a hurry – so that was sweet of them.

Meeting the talented babes of Swim Deep unexpectedly was definitely a highlight of my sometimes lame adolescent life.


Author’s Note: Ahhh, I can just imagine how perfect that must have been. Props to Paola!

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Liz and Andrew Vanwyngarden of MGMT. (holy poop 4real doe)
Liz and Andrew Vanwyngarden of MGMT. (holy poop 4real doe)

It was September 15th and it was truly a magical day. I was going to see Andrew Vanwyngarden and Ben Goldwasser perform at the Joshua Light Show at NYU. I went with my friends Jessica and Shannon. We got to Washington Square Park about 2 hours before the show started. A lot of Occupy Wall Street stuff was going on so we walked around to browse the different stands and people. At some point we stopped to contribute to a project for some man that included writing down something you hope for and then he would take your picture with what you hoped for.

Then glancing at a bench I thought I saw… No… It couldn’t be… A beautiful creature sitting on a bench casually eating a donut and drinking some sort of iced beverage. I literally had to take another look because I could not believe that it was Andrew Van-fucking-Wyngarden. He was just SITTING and EATING, like who does that?? I’d been so in love with him for a year by then that it was so hard to get my mind around the concept that he was an actual human being who eats and sits in parks.

So I told Jessica immediately to “Stay calm… but Andrew’s on the bench over there.” She said that we should go over there and say hi, but me flipping out decided that I didn’t want to because I once heard from someone that you’re not allowed to say anything to famous people in NYC because it’s their ‘safe ground.’ She thought I was crazy (obviously) and ran over to him against my wishes.

I watched them talk and then when I saw she gestured to me he looked at me. By that point I think all I thought was, “Oh my GOD WHY IS THIS HAPPENING I’M NOT READY I CAN’T.” Somehow I walked over there. Apparently, Jess was saying how we were big fans and seeing the show that night, and that her friend (me) was being shy. So when I went over I said hi and almost cried. Then we made small talk and he asked us which show we were going to. I then tried to be funny and said, “The earlier one because we have a bedtime.”

…………… Andrew por quoi…….?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!

…and he didn’t laugh. I felt so unaccomplished and almost DIED. So then Shannon came over and we asked for a picture and I swear he purposely didn’t put his arm around me because my body was TREMBLING and Shannon took (what I believe to be) the best MGMT fan picture EVER.

And after, that we said our thank you’s and said good luck and we walked away and I swear the farther we got, the more spastic I got. At 20 feet away, I was whispering, “OMG OMG OMG DID THAT JUST HAPPEN??” and at 40 feet, I was crying, and when he was out of sight, I was actually making involuntary movements. It was literally a dream come true and I’ll never forget it. Ever.

– Liz

Author’s Note: sdjfdfdjgdhj SPEECHLESS. SO. CUTe.


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Brianna and I have been obsessed with Tim and Eric since Tom Goes to the Mayor, this ultra ridiculous/funny/weird show on Adult Swim, and we finally went to go see them “perform” a live version of their other show, Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job!, in NYC. It was so so so so so good and a dream come true! I got to go up on stage and was literally touched by Tim and held some weird baton up as part of the act. IT WAS AMAZING and that was just enough BUT IT GETS BETTER! After the show when everyone was clearing out we noticed the two of them come out from backstage and grab some beers and start to talk to their friends that came to see them. So we gathered enough courage to go up and ask for photos with each of them AND THEY HUGGED EACH OF US!! AND I WILL FOREVER CRY THINKING ABOUT IT. It was everything I’ve ever wanted and mooooooore!

When I moved to NYC, I experienced lots of weird celeb encounters as well. I saw Lindsay Lohan walking past a gas station I was walking through and causally asked her for a cigarette (dying inside and hands shaking with excitement). I felt like it would have been much to lame of me to ask for an autograph even though it probably would have sold for a pretty penny on Ebay. Another time, my bff and I were walking back to class after getting Jamba Juice and we noticed filming on a side street and slipped in, pretending to be extras and ended up on Law and Order… BUT it gets better! We were totally late after break and were rushing down the street and ran into who of all people, but the BABE that is Edward Norton. He was talking to some really cool-looking chicks but we thought we were cool enough to casually slink up and say some weird things, per usual, and somehow got into a conversation about smoothies and he ended up inviting us to a party in Brooklyn.

Also, I met Jodie Foster on a trip to California as a little baby child and had no clue who she was at the time and hate myself for being thoroughly unimpressed when my mom told me to chase her down and ask for an autograph. OH, and I don’t know if this counts, but at a Bob Dylan concert, Willie Nelson was opening for him and noticed I was the only one in the crowd not smiling or dancing around because I had to pee so bad and the idea of making my way all the way to the bathroom in the back from the front of the huge crowd was making me want to cry and he pointed at me and kept smiling and nodding until I smiled a little bit and then giggled (BECAUSE WHO COULDN’T GIGGLE IF WILLIE NELSON WAS GESTURING CUTELY TOWARDS YOU), and then he tipped his hat at me and, yeah, it was great.

– Cailie of The Pulp Girls

Author’s Note: The Pulp Girls aka our perfect founders on meeting Tim and Eric. oOoOo how dreamy ♥♥

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“Well, it’s really lame, but it was the first gig after Jay’s haircut, and so after the gig I asked if I could touch his hair, and I did, and I was thinking, “Oooh,” but instead I accidentally said, “Ewww.” It was very embarrassing, ok bye.”

– Laura, a cool gurl with a blog check her out ok

Author’s Note: hahahaha this is the funniest thing ever, poor Jay

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setlist from show… SWAGGY

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Logan and Sean from AJJ omg omg omg so qt
Logan with Sean from AJJ omg omg omg so qt

The first time i saw Andrew Jackson Jihad was magical; he was at the TLA with Into It. Over It. and Frank Turner. I only went to see Andrew Jackson Jihad. When the doors opened, I almost instantly went to the merch table and the front man of AJJ, Sean Bonnette, was there. I started talking to him a bit before the show and had a chill conversation. Obviously after the show started, everything went amazing, but out of the three times I saw them, the most rad concert was at The First Unitarian Church. They were touring with Treasure Fleet and Joyce Manor. The night was young, a mixture of sweat and angst was in the air, and everyone had a good time.

– Logan

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Thank you everyone for sharing such lovely stories, like I’m super jelly of all of you guys, really! Oh my gosh, keep on truckin’, you amazing kiddos. The sad news is there is no cure to this madness so here’s my only advice to everyone who suffers with the fan girl syndrome: reach for the stars!!

To be continued…!

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June 11, 2013


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