Fatshion – n. fashion for fat people.

Scrolling through Instagram, I am bombarded with dozens of OOTDs (Outfits of the Day, for those even more disconnected than myself). Except this time, I don’t feel bad about myself or even slightly annoyed. I see a changing scene of fat, teenage girls (and others) being proud of their bodies, and better yet: their clothing. Posting these mirror shots, and some seemingly professional images, on every social media site, they know they’re hot shit and like the famous, thin, fashion bloggers before them, they want to rub the public’s grubby, off-trend face in it. I love it. Bring on the waves of fatshion bloggers, who instead of posting diet tips in response to questions from fans regarding style, post lists of body positive department stores and tips on letting out seams in too-small vintage dresses. This is the new school of fashion; one where Vogue is completely passé and your mom’s maternity clothing from the 90’s is paraded on reinforced runways all over the world.

Montgomery Jones


The bandana I got in Chicago (where this photo was taken) at some fancy store for 5 bucks on sale.  I don’t own any bandanas but I liked that it had little hearts.  The shirt with the sparkly collar is from H&M! I love that the simplicity of the shirt with the fun collar attached. The pink sweater is from the church I go on mission trips to Kentucky with.  The skirt was a dress from a vintage shop in Kalamazoo, MI that I used as a costume.

What’s your favourite part of your body? I love my eyebrows.  A few “friends” in elementary teased me about how think they were but now I love getting them threaded!  Thicker the better.

Who is your fat positive style icon? I love Octavia Spencer as a style icon.  I respect everyone’s choice to show off their bodies but I’m usually more comfortable being covered up.  Octavia is pretty similar!  She partners with the designer Tadashi Shoji  a lot and I love their collaborations.  (Every gown I would wear at the Oscars is on the 50+ crowd hehe)

What inspired you to start dressing like a beautiful mystical creature of the heavens? Elle Fanning inspired my whimsical, magical, don’t give a tut what anyone says, outfits.  She once said “I would rather look like a 2 year old than a 21 year old”.  I completely understand these sentiments!  Little girl’s clothing are SO much cuter than the clothing in teen shops.  I don’t aspire to look 2 per say, but I love the way I feel in dresses and skirts (just got my first pair of pants in 2 years) I have sworn off jeans since I was 13 cause ugh.  Instead opting for overalls and billowy 1970s flower pants.  If wearing super bright colors, loving tulle, and wanting to feel like proper royalty make you 2, well then I guess I am 2! 

What would you say to other babes struggling to accept their bodies? I don’t think anyone is ever 100% confident in the way they look, even super models.  I gained 60 pounds being on steroids for medical reasons.  I’m 5’10 and size 18.  These are all numbers.  Just like how much money you make, what percentage you got on a test, and how big your feet are should not matter to friends and family, neither should your measurements! If they do bother your family/friends for anything other than your health, then you need to find a real support system. Don’t let your numbers define you. I have not been “thin” since I was a wee babe. I’m sure people made fun of me in high school when I had puffed up steroid cheeks, hell some little girls in Chicago made fun of me for this outfit!!  I’m not gonna pretend it doesn’t make me feel bad.  But I have almost flipped it to where, if no one says anything mean about my outfit then it was not fun enough.  It’s a lot harder for women of color to dress “eccentric” if you will.  Not sure why exactly but I’ll write about that more in depth, later.  Spark Movement actually has a petition for H&M to make plus size mannequins.  They have plus size clothing and models now, but why not show them in the window displays on mannequins that look good in the clothes?  Little things like this will make us stop hating our bodies because there is truly nothing wrong with wearing double digit size outfits.

Giulia Alvarez


So this is the outfit i’ve been shamelessly repeating for the past month or so: it’s a velvet skirt i stole from my mom, a pair of tights, a huge sweater from uniqlo, and these amazing boots i got from DSW. i’m a size 14-16-18 (depends on the clothes, that shit is so unreliable) :3

 What’s your favourite part of your body? Either my face or my thighs i am very proud of how i do my face and my cheekbones and i’m just such a fan of my thighs they deserve a reality tv show ahhhhh swoon

Who is your fat positive style icon? I love Beth Ditto to death  particularly her makeup and whenever she wears black. she’s like the leader of a coven of witches i wish i belonged to :~) Also Luna and Chey i feel like a dork but sometimes i troll their Instagram and figure out outfit ideas ……..these are truths.

What inspired you to start dressing like a beautiful mystical creature of the heavens? I’ve always dressed in a way that’s kind of… ‘out there’ i guess. i’ve gone through about 9382928 phases since elementary school. first i was scene, then i was hippy-ish, then i was extremely androgynous, then i had this weird colorful ‘raver’ look in 8th grade, in 9th grade i wore a lot of black but it was just t-shirts and jeans and then i got into flowery dresses and creepers and denim jackets then after i mostly recovered from my ED i started wearing short shorts and crop tops this past summer and now i just kind of morphed into what i am now which i’m describing as a goth schoolgirl witch that is also very crust punk and very based.

What’s your favourite self-care activity? Shopping, but there are other things i do every day to stay mentally healthy. i eat a lot of food. like, i’ll binge on a bag of carrots and i’ll eat cheese and crackers when i get home from school so i don’t explode from stress and i dance around and i think about my boy and also my girls and wow yeah so much good stuff

What would you say to other babes struggling to accept their bodies? The Universe wants to make you think that you’re not a protagonist, that you don’t deserve the story arc that is your life because you’re not some delicate white flower lily. Fuck the Universe because that universe is wrong. every person has a single universe that defines them and is what they experience and for anyone or anything to presume that you can’t or don’t have that because you’re fat, or of color, or disabled, ANYTHING– is fucking disgusting. DO YOU because that’s what you’re best at! <3 <3

Giovanna Posselius

Screen Shot 2013-10-12 at 2.55.41 PM

What’s your favourite part of your body? I really like my hands. They can be delicate or tough, but they’re always a big part of my accomplishments.

Who is your fat positive style icon? Hipsville! Tumblr’s Luna has improved my quality of life exponentially through her amazing fashion sense and beautiful modeling shoots, I’d have a much harder time accepting my body and my life without her to look up to.

What inspired you to start dressing like a beautiful mystical creature of the heavens? My best friend started making her own clothes out of donations to the high school’s sewing program, and they were always incredibly rad. The dress in this picture is hers. I feel more confident in clothes that I like, and I don’t feel the need to blend in. 

What’s your favourite self-care activity? I’m obsessed with painting my nails. I don’t like to get them done because it’s so expensive, but I love nothing more than a clean manicure. I started getting more creative with my nails in high school and now I get compliments on them all the time!

What would you say to other babes struggling to accept their bodies? As long as you’re positive and you love your body, it’s worth the world. The only person who can devalue you is yourself, and you should never think that anyone else’s opinion has weight on your life. Be beautiful like you are, and you’ll be the happiest, babeliest chick on the block.

Lennon Duncan


i’m a u.s. size 16/18. i got my dress at goodwill, leggings at forever 21, socks at target, boots at goodwill, and sweater from my mom’s closet.

What’s your favourite part of your body? definitely my rly cute thighs! 

Who is your fat positive style icon? nadia aboulhosn. she’s way babely!

What inspired you to start dressing like a beautiful mystical creature of the heavens? i was just super tired of trying to pull off things that other people thought were cute and hating the way i looked, so i started wearing what i thought looked good.  

What’s your favourite self-care activity? baths! i listen to my favorite album & take a bath 1 night a week. 

What would you say to other babes struggling to accept their bodies? take it a day at a time and understand that not every day is going to be easy, let alone good. realize that everybody is different and try to do a better job every day of loving the things that set you apart from other people. it gets easier. 

Jasmine Warfield

  Screen Shot 2013-10-12 at 1.50.05 PM

I have a on a Royal blue peplum top with a sheer panel from Forever21 Size XL, a leatherette skater skirt from ASOS worn high waisted(to show off more leg) Size 18, Bra from Fredrick’s of Hollywood 42DDD.

What’s your favourite part of your body? My boobs! (They could bring world peace if only given the chance lol) 

Who is your fat positive style icon? My mom, growing up I never heard her say “oh I have to go to the plus size section” it was just “I’m going to find something fly!”

What inspired you to start dressing like a beautiful mystical creature of the heavens? Working in fashion and having to be creative with when shopping for and putting together outfits.

What’s your favourite self-care activity? Getting manicures.

What would you say to other babes struggling to accept their bodies? Be you, you can’t and shouldn’t want to be anyone else. You were put in your body for a reason, live that to the fullest. 

Peyton Oller


 this is my current favorite outfit that is completely thrifted, alongside key vintage pieces. It is comprised of a base white blouse from the 80’s with gold encrusted pearl buttons, then a sleeveless kimono-style dress is layered on top with blue and black rose tights underneath. Im also wearing a pair of black velvet flats with gold adornment. My accessories are a string of pearls wrapped around my neck and a 60s gold metal belt that is pleated like fish scales, which happens to be my favorite piece in this outfit that i found at a local antique store. Oh and im also a size 20-24, depending on the item.

What’s your favourite part of your body? My hips, because they look fab in high-waisted shorts and skirts! 

Who is your fat positive style icon? My fat positive fashion icon would have to be a mixture of Audrey Hepburn, Coco Chanel, Twiggy, and Marilyn Monroe, alongside a modern fashionista and chubby bunny, Beccabae.

What inspired you to start dressing like a beautiful mystical creature of the heavens? What inspired me to dress the way i do was from the realization at a young age that the media and popular clothing brands hated me. They refused to acknowledge my existence by not making clothing that i could not possibly fit into. If i didn’t have clothes to wear, i couldn’t leave the house, therefor in the public eye, fat people, at least well-dressed ones, did not exist. Enough i said! i will not dwell on brands who refuse to cater to my body! I started making my own clothing and altering thrifted clothing years ago and my sense of style has evolved since. 

What’s your favourite self-care activity? My favorite self-care activity is taking a warm bubble bath and admiring my rosy skin with carefully carved stretch-marks and thinking “damn, im kinda cute huh?”

What would you say to other babes struggling to accept their bodies? Self-love and personal body acceptance is a hard thing, but once you let your personality shine through your exterior you will flood a room with confidence, allowing others to see your beauty, which in-turn can encourage your own opinion on your babe self and spread the body love!

Essine Kilpatrick-Boe

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 9.53.22 PM

This outfit is one of many that I call my shrine to John Waters– a Babs Johnson shirt, filthy cockroach earrings, and a “Beat it, creep!” patch are my staples. I got my amazing Pink Flamingos shirt from Etsy, my saddle shoes are Bass, and my fabulous jean jacket is vintage. I go between a size 20 through 24-ish, so finding lil’ hottie clothes can be way hard, but this is FOREVER MY FAVEST OUTFIT, which I’ve collected with painstaking care and love!

What’s your favourite part of your body? HELLOOO, I ADORE MY BODY. Every inch and square and lump and bit of cellulite. Choosing one thing I love most is waaaay too hard but, surprisingly to my 12-year-old self, one of my favorite body parts is totally my huge tummy!! It’s perfect and soft and curves in at the middle and is 500% ADORABLE.

Who is your fat positive style icon? My biggest fat-posi icon will ALWAYS be Tracy Turnblad from the original Hairspray.  A COOL DRESSIN’ FATTY BABE WHO IS ALSO AN ACTIVIST? Sign me up. She’s been my role model since I was 8 and has always been the reason I’ve felt amazing about myself!

What’s your favourite self-care activity? My favorite self care activity will forever be that I LOVE putting on 10000 pounds of make-up and getting dressed in pretty vintage robes and just sitting admiring HOW HOT I AM. It’s forever what makes me feel like a goddess angel queen!

 What would you say to other babes struggling to accept their bodies? To fatties and non-fats who haven’t to accept your SUPER AMAZING SELVES: you are special! You are amazing! You are the reason you wake-up in the morning! Only your opinion will ever matter in the long run!! Your body and you are the coolest shit in the universe, so freak out about how perfect you are and never apologize! xoxo, Essine

Allie Renner


Iron Maiden crop top was once a shirt that came from a frantic trip to the Hot Springs Goodwill when I was in town for a few more days than expected. I love when you find vintage-worn in pieces that cost you a buck! The high waisted black shorts came from Torrid.com (a guilty pleasure for great skinnies).

What’s your favourite part of your body? My teeth and skin. I went through a lot of dental bills to keep these chompers lookin’ fresh! My skin holds the artwork that I cherish the most. From jackalopes to lunar phases, my tattoos will always compliment my style.

Who is your fat positive style icon? Honestly? I have seen so many beautiful people to pin-point just one. Cis-females, transmen, or womyn that let their body-positive freak-flags fly are my style icons. Special thanks to the queer punx in NOLA, Austin,and PDX. 

What inspired you to start dressing like a beautiful mystical creature of the heavens? Unicorns! Okay, just kidding. Everything from the moody tunes of Joy Division (RIP Ian Curtis xo forever) to the color black, but mostly living in a voodoo city where your outfit had to be bike-friendly.

What’s your favourite self-care activity? Gettin’ my hurr did (#hairstylistproblems) and painting my nails. Oh, I also enjoy NOT spending time shaving in the shower. 

What would you say to other babes struggling to accept their bodies? This is where it gets sappy- be true to yourself. Love yourself. Respect your body and realize that you are not alone in your fight. Wear what you think is neat&know that you will ALWAYS look great in black. Be confident. Us body-positive babes are bringing sexy back and sure as hell have the right attitude for it. Also- fuck the naysayers.

Luna Slater

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 9.34.47 PM

Who is your fat positive style icon? I honestly don’t really have one. I used to have icons when I first started getting into the body posi movement, people like Jen (pussybow) and Sarah (lotsalipstick) were some of the first fat babes I thought looked great, and now Nicole (theheftyhideaway) and a few other babes inspire me as well.

What inspired you to start dressing like a beautiful mystical creature of the heavens? I’ve always liked to express myself through clothes since middle school. Of course in middle school it was more a really awful Hot Topic creation, it was still different. Even when I was still self conscious about my body I liked to dress up a lot.

What’s your favourite self-care activity? probably putting on really nice lingerie or taking a hot bath with nice sea salts because I’m a queen.

What would you say to other babes struggling to accept their bodies? Stop comparing yourself to other people. I’ve had this said to me a million times and it sounds like shitty advice, but it’s true. When I just would think I look hot and not compare what I’m wearing or doing to a friend, I’d still think I look hot.

Chey Addison(Fat vanity as self-care, y’all)

Screen Shot 2013-10-12 at 2.15.45 PM

Hi hi! I am inserting my ass into this post because I can, plus I am both fat and fashionable! Arguably! So anyways, this is my halloween costume, and by halloween costume I mean something I buy under the excuse of “Halloween,” but plan on wearing all year long. The skirt is a 3x off of a shady Ebay store, tall fishnets from Target, xl tank top from Victoria’s Secret, xxl cardigan from Forever21, and size 9 chunky chelsea boots from ASOS. I’m usually a 14/16, but that’s super flexible depending on the clothing.

What’s your favourite part of your body? I really like my legs! I’m ridiculously accident prone so they’re covered in various scrapes and bruises constantly, but they’re the definition of curvy. 

Who is your fat positive style icon? DIVINE. Beth Ditto is a total goddess as well. As is Rebel Wilson. Also Marfmellow. I am 100% in love with Trent.

What inspired you to start dressing like a beautiful mystical creature of the heavens? I  really can’t even remember. I mean, I guess it could be my love for powerful female antagonists in children’s media. Namely Ursula. I know she was supposed to be “ugly,” but I ate it up, dude. She looked so good. I’m still into hot female antagonists and draw a ton of inspo from them. I’ve just always enjoyed looking like I could destroy entire civilizations and talk to ghosts. I don’t know what else to say, that’s just my aesthetic.  

What’s your favourite self-care activity? Online shopping and visiting animal shelters. For sure.

What would you say to other babes struggling to accept their bodies? I would mainly just like to reiterate that body acceptance is extremely personal and you should not feel bad if you don’t like your body. It’s a long, hard road to actually liking yourself and being pressured to love your body, just makes you feel worse sometimes. Just do you, doll and treat yourself as kindly as possible. Everyone has bad days and different circumstances. They aren’t setbacks and recovery isn’t impossible.

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October 15, 2013


I really love this. I know that I’m really tiny, but I still have flaws I’m uncomfortable with (my thighs and eyebrows especially), but EVERY BODY IS BEAUTIFUL, and I just can’t explain how wonderful this post is! <3

Gurl, where do you shop?! Need that skirt!
I’m from this shitty city where the one thing that we score #1 on is rate of obesity (#9 or something in crime/population and like 3rd most depressing place in America).
Thats not the reason it’s a shitty city. The city makes absolutely no sense all together.
You’d think that we would have some accommodations for fat women around here.
We’ve got a lane bryant and a (pitifully small) torrid and some other stores that carry bigger sizes but are like totally meant for the 70+/mid-90s-era teacher crowd.
You mentioned that you shop online. I was wondering what some of your favorite places are? online and off.

i literally got the skirt form a really sketchy ebay shop and i mostly shop at asos and random cheap vintage etsys and irl stores. <3

I’m trying to find their blogs and it’s not really happening. Would it be possible to get a list of their sites so we can read up on them more?

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