Hi Pulp Cuties! It’s Essine, the Pulp poetry editor, and this month’s Late Night Poetry Club theme is Grow! The last few weeks I’ve been feeling like my own growth is not only important, but necessary to my survival, and so “Grow” was the obvious theme choice. This theme can be interpreted in a bunch of ways: a lack of growth, physical growth, mental growth, etc. I asked readers and staff to send in their interpretations of “Grow” and here are their incredible poems based on it. Enjoy! – xoxo, Essine
A Bath at Sunrise 
Smooth, teeming with sweat
while the neighbors get cozy
outdoors, with their art, all the better
For I am easily entertained
when I wander within
spilling over the tub filled with tequila
onto my novels about death.
S.G. Jarvis
I used to romanticize my illness, cut my hair once to justify my ugliness,
I used to put ink into my skin, black out all the madness,
I never believed in the stars, or the moon,
Till I wished on a shooting star, for me to just go home,
I was stuck in a place too dark to see,
A place where no one could save me,
A place where I shouldn’t be,
Till my wish came true, and now I know,
I was dying in my mind, a war upon my soul,
I realize that even in the darkest of nights, there is a star,
With the most stubborn roots, there is a tree,
I have grown out of my darkness, to reach for the best of me.
Shannel DGB

Let go please just let go.

maybe he already let go, maybe thats why hes so far.

maybe im just the one that cant let go.

dear me, please let go

-Sarah Palacat


i made a list of things i like and you are not on it

i like old fall out boy and waking up late
staying in bed till 1 and my hands all over me
i like when people deliver each syllable of my name
if you write it that’s ok too,
just remember it is mine and you took the time to know it
i like pop music and singing it really fuckin mad when we drive past your house
i like singing it all angry and all upset and all “fuck you” and i like old photo albums and
sometimes forgetting
why or how or who it hurts,

i like top 10 lists and i like knowing it’s gonna be good and i like the smell of my desk when the sun is out and i like driving across the state,

i like knowing it’s gonna be really really good and i’m this spectrum rainbow lining the trimmings of the sky,

and it’ll all work it.




cherry had always thought of herself

as though she didn’t exist

well, she existed physically,

but she always felt like she was disappearing

into the unmade beds

and the creases in the sheets

into the dirty, cracked sidewalks

she never felt truly cared for

never felt like she mattered

somehow, and she didn’t even remember

how it happened

but when she first saw him,

she felt like she could be something

for the first time in her life

-Lilli Keeve


Look at me. Right now

as I get on my knees and cross my heart and

swear to you that i’d rather die than lie. Please,

you are the sun to so many plants

and we need you to photosynthesise and

keep us alive. You are so high up in the sky

and god dammit, don’t you dare think that because you’re

pushed out of sight for the night that we don’t want you

to rise up again the next morning.

Because your loved ones will not say it

I will say it for you

I love you till the ends of the earth

and if the end comes I will hold your hands

until there is nothing left but sky. You

are loved. So much.

You are not poison. You are not broken. When

I drink up your essence you will taste like lavender that uproots from

the earth and laughter and skin. You will taste like someone who has

fought a battle and won. You will taste like a survivor. In

a couple of years time you will taste like sweets and quick kisses

off someone who will put their lips to your scars and declare them art. You

will taste the achievement when hands upon hands rip the weeds that

were denying you life and one day, there will be no fingers that rip your petals

in an attempt to suppress parts of who you are.

Please don’t give up.

I know it is hard and losing can sometimes feel like

a part of our identity but you have come so far

and just because there is a road in front and traffic behind you

does not mean you don’t have the opportunity

of going off road and making your own way home.

One day you’ll breathe into the air and smile

and think “thank god, the worst is over.”

-Courteney H.



All Images by Essine.

We hope you enjoyed our newest Late Night Poetry Club, and thanks for every submission! Our next Late Night Poetry Club theme will be announced soon, so keep a look out! For any poetry or poetry pitches, please e-mail thepulpzine@gmail.com or psychedelicdaisyblog@gmail.com! We love reading your stuff!

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February 16, 2015