art by Maria Pizzeriaa
art by Maria Pizzeriaa

Juju is only one of the most stellar shoe companies in the world. Essentially, they make candy for your feet. Available in a variety of delicious colors, each pair feels like they are customized to you and your style. Created in 1986 in Northampton, England, Juju Jellies and Wellies were all the rage for kids in the ’90s. What’s great about Juju is that they understand that sometimes, people want to have options: lots and lots of options! By offering the same shoe in a wide array of colors (including pastels, translucent, sparkly, etc.), all of us shoe-loving buyers get a choice… a fun choice, one that isn’t usually offered to the non-kid crowd. Interestingly enough, many of those ’90s kids who grew up with Juju are wearing the exact same shoes (only a little bigger) that they did in those golden years. I asked our readers and contributors alike to hashtag #TPZjellies on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram so we could feature you and your Jellies on your own daily magical journeys!

I bought my first pair of Juju Jellies this year after seeing them on my style icon, Elle Fanning. This is before they were all over my dashboard on tumblr, but suddenly I knew I needed a pair of my own!  Only question remaining… which colors to choose?!

jujujellies EF

I opted for a sparkly clear pair so I could play it safe and wear them with anything. I love the little heel on them. Puts me just over 6 feet tall and I feel so rad. Recently, I bought my second pair. Afraid that I would dislike the flat shoe but wanting something different, I opted for a blue pair of Juju Maxi!  Funny enough it’s my blue Jujus that I wear to the beach, kayaking, and to the creek! I’m trying to convince my parents that I need a new pair every year until I die is my next goal. Pastel purple is next on the list.


And because we have the most creative staff and readers in the world, here are the stunning journeys your jellies go on!

Saffa's Jellies

Photo by Saffa, who said, “My Jellies with their best friends (daisies)!” Check out Saffa’s Tumblr here.

Photos by Akosua via Tumblr. When asked where she was going in her Jellies she said, “In my shoes I’m going around the city searching for adventure and love :)”

Staff writer and artist, Justine said “My Jellies go great with EVERYTHING, which is why I wear them all the time. I’d be lying if i said that I haven’t thought about sleeping with those shoes on.”

Maria Pizzeria and her JuJu Projects

Collaboration photos by E Arvida Bystrom for Rookie Mag (behind the scenes)

Maria updates all of Juju’s social media, works in their showrooom, and now on their branding. Basically she’s the Juju Jellies queen! Check out Maria’s blog here. Juju also has a fantastic Tumblr as well! Follow them for all things Jellies-related!

Peace, Love, and Juju Jellies! *I went there*

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August 7, 2013